Parkinson's Movement

To You

I came across this a few years back and I keep a copy of it on my fridge. It's a great poem.

The thing I have is called Parkinson's; it's a condition of the brain

It causes me to lose some cells and some skills I can't reclaim

It makes it hard to do some things that are part of everyday

Walking and talking become more difficult, to everyone's dismay

It's not fun, I'll attest to that; it's not a choice I'd make

It doesn't kill me or make me sick, but it can my spirit break

It slows me down, it can make me drool, it can take away my speech

All in all it's difficult, so deep into my soul I must reach

At this point all the folks who love me begin to give me care

But the sad eyes and tone of voice say to me beware

"Here, let me do that; you're too tired," invites me to quit

And I'm tempted, sorely tempted, I readily admit

But I have to be tall and stand up straight and look the world in the eye

I must walk with long, long strides, and on myself I must rely

I have to speak in a loud clear voice and not start to mumble

I have to ask for needed help, for that I must be humble

So on I go, along my way, trying to beat this thing

Hoping that my tough guy words don't have a hollow ring

This is the way I must live my life or I will surely lose

Make no mistake; this thing is tough, it will get me if I snooze

So where are you in all of this? I hope you're at my side

Watching while I walk my walk even if it hurts inside

Being there when I really need you; I truly count on

I could not face this without your love and that, my love ,is true

By Phillip McCrillis, a patient at The Parkinson's Institute's Movement Disorders clinic.

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this is fantastic i can't wait to have have a very large print copy on my fridge and maybe on someother fridges' i know thanku for sharing



I like my humorous verse 17th century Spanish style: 10 eight syllable lines, rhyme scheme abbaaccddc.. I beg your pardon in advance for the off-color language, but...dang!

A Parkin-son of a bitch

squats obscenely in my brain

makes my thoughts hard to explain

makes me tremble, stumble, twitch.

When it presses on the switch

everything goes slightly askew.

But I do what I can do

to keep steady, happy, and strong,

and I sing my little song

that says “Parkinson’s? Park you!”

Philip Pasmanick


Love it.


Very cool!


Thank you. I'm saving this poem.


Two very different but good verses. Just what I needed to get me out of bed on one of my less good days. Thanks.


excellent thoughts for the day !!!!


Dear CoastGuard97, Thank you for sharing. Your verses describe so many common problems in a very pleasant manner


both great and both help - Thanks!


I love it! Very inspiring.


I love reading poetry out LOUD (to my guinea pig) so keep voice going


A beautiful poem which reallys says it all. Thanks for sharing.



Thank you for sharing!!!


That says it all!


You are all very welcome!


Just tweeted it. Thank you.


Wow. I love it so true.


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