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Has anyone taken Immunocal as a treatment for their Parkinson's. if so, was it effective in reducing symptoms or slowing progress?

Immunocal is sold as a treatment for many health conditions including Parkinson's. it claims to increase the antioxidant Glutathione in the body and the testimonials are quite impressive. In my opinion it is expensive, but if the improvements are true, then I will give it a try.

Thank you


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nope; not heard of it


lol Jill



Hello jillannf6,

The testimonial they publish are extremely positive. It's a wonder no one else has tried the stuff!



Is it organic...who sources it? It could be another way of making money out of us! I think we always need to boost our immune system..but its more complex than that....we have got to make the mental and physical effort to get well.

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yes it is the purest form you will every feed your body


Hello Hilarypeta,

I am not sure whether it is organic or not. Although there is a large company behind it, the selling appears to be done by multi level marketing, something I don't like. However, as I say, the hype on the Internet is impressive. It apparently works by boosting glutathione (a powerful antioxidant) levels and we PwP have low glutathione levels as well as the neurotransmitter dopamine. It is supposed to help many serious health conditions including cancer! Given the cost of the stuff I need to carry out more research before deciding whether or not to try it.




Keep us informed on your research.




Hello Bmakla54,

See Srarndt's comprehensive reply. To be honest, I watched the video's of this product quite mesmerised at the 'effectiveness' of taking Immunocal. If there are any Immunocal sales people reading this thread, then let them tell us more about how our lives will be improved, quoting research papers and assessments carried out with this product. If I am going to part with my hard earned money, given its cost, I'm afraid I need more evidence than polished anecdotal video's to persuade me.



Copy and paste the above URL into your browser

Repeat after me...if it seems too good to be true... MINI RANT ALERT! PLEASE READ NO FURTHER IF YOU DON'T WANT TO!

Seriously now, if "they" - or anyone else for that matter have come up with a really effective drug, herb, food, substance, etc., we would hear about it outside of any multi-level marketing or website. In fact, if any of the participants in this blog were to encounter anything at all published by major research organizations such as MJF, or Davis Phinney or major national associations APDA, NPF, PDF, etc., YOU WILL BE DEAFENED BY THE CELEBRATORY PARTIES, MEDIA COVERAGE NEWS RELEASES AND ON AND ON.

I'm not trying to sound critical or jaded regarding any of us on this site, nor the questions we have or the hopes we are grasping for daily. I do not like having PD any more than any of you do... I've not been blessed with any type of special insight that proves my point, nor that disproves anyone elses... I simply deduce what I have based upon what research I've done.

Please don't flame me on here now, I'm just doing the best I can to gently squash the stuff of rumors, snake oil salesmen or magic fairy dust. There are no major pharmas squashing the little guys who somehow have developed a secret PD cure. In fact, just like any other corporation, the major pharmas are in it for the money...and if any of them were to get hint of any substance that would truly help us PWP they are going to roll it out with enormous fanfare to maximize their profit...


I do love this site and the communication chanels it opens for us all. I've truly benefitted by having other's to commiserate with, too. Thank you HealthUnlocked and thank you all for participating.


Bisbee, AZ


Thank you Steve for giving us the reference to the research carried out on the antioxidant Glutathione. Yes, we definitely need reports of this nature as opposed to polished videos of an anecdotal nature. Your reply to my question has saved me spending a lot of money on a substance which is of doubtful benefit. People with chronic health problems are vulnerable to swish presentations such as I have been viewing. If Immunocal was that good, surely we would have had several posts on this thread saying as much. Thank you again Steve.


I am a Immunocal taker and have been for 10 years and has help me with many issue I was very skeptical myself until i research the hell out of it Boy do you know what method of use patents are, well Immunotec has 70 or more and also It helps with so much, why would Doctors want you to know about it, the smart ones will tell you to take it, the others will hand you more drugs ....Immunocal is in the CPS Canada and the PDR USA is in the Redbook and more research on it then any other drugs .........Has great studies on Cancer and Autism just because It is based on the MLM structure does not mean it is a pyramid most government are build on that structure Please do your homework it could save a life


Thank you Suefitz. I'm pleased that Immunocal appears to have worked for you. Of all the alternative treatments I have seen advertised, this treatment has one of the slickest presentations of all. Whilst you can not dismiss anecdotal evidence out of hand, I would have preferred the evidence more weighted towards scientific research, especially as it's cost is extremely expensive.

Best wishes



Both Immunocal and Glutathione have 40 years of scientific research behind them. has over 100,000 scientific and medical articles about Glutathione. It has been determined that people with Parkinson's and Alzheimers have about a 40% decrease in Glutathione levels. Immunocal happens to be an undenatured whey protein isolate, virtually lactose free while providing precursors for glutathione. It is the best source of precursors. Glutathione cannot be ingested, for it is largely destroyed in the digestive tract. It is manufactured in each of our cells. Here is an article. If you want more research articles to read about this, just ask.


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