Parkinson's tremor

This may have been addressed before but I'm new to the site. One of the ways that I've learned to minimize my tremor between doses is to slowly move my finger on the hand that is tremoring back and forth or in a circle on my leg, chair arm, or just about anywhere. As most of you know a tremor is nonexistent or significantly minimized when you're walking or moving. I suspect this is basically a similar action. I am guessing that by pressing lightly with the finger or fingers of the tremor hand it interrupts the signal or lack of signal that leads to tremor. So here's my question. Has anybody else tried this technique? Has anybody heard of the device that can be worn on the hand or anywhere that will gently stimulate the nerve endings thereby interrupting the tremor? If not, does anybody know an engineer who might be interested in pursuing this as an option?



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  • Funny you should say this as I have thought about using my TENS Unit on my tremor side......may have to try that tonight.

  • I did use my tens unit. i thought it didn't work until my wife said where is your tremor? I don't know why it works but it does. I had to dial it in but once i did it works for me.

  • By all means, let us know how this works out for you!

  • What is a TENS Unit?

  • Would a copper bangle work I wonder

  • it is a great idea if you have a tremor (which i do not) but i shall pass it on to my PARKY FRIENDS WHO DO HAVE THE PROBLEM

    LOL jILL


  • my brother is having a brain scan next week anyone know why ? and he still has not had any medication come through to his doctor

  • are they doing a D A T scan?

  • do not know but will be going with him so i shall ask i think the doctor at the hospital mentioned something about a scan for a stroke but can't really remember will find out more on the 12th

  • the dat scan is just for park and tremors

  • Thanks for the suggestion...I had not heard of it before, but I plan on mentioning it to my PD support group

    Best wishes,



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