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I Grow Weary

I grow weary

I grow weary of the endless game of drugs, sleep and shakes,

how some have not lost their minds, so much sometimes to take.

In the late hours of the night, when I am alone and trying to sleep,

I wonder if I should do more with these hours I keep.

I wake at half day nothing to show for the time,

trying desperate not to cry and tell everyone I'm fine.

Why can I not cope like others who have tested fate,

am I so weak that I can't do better at least for heaven's sake?

I tell myself to stop using the word "I" and replace it with "U"

get ahold of myself, get on with the day, and find something to do.

I will stop this rambling of pity and get back my creative soul,

But i always put it off till the next day, always the first goal.

So if you should find and read this, I do apologize,

just know this was a moment, and not my entire life.

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We all have those moments. Yesterday I was in such pain. I could not rest or relax. I decided to do a task--return a broken blender, Well, an hour or two of fun for the entire family. I made a copy of the receipt. Then I couldn't find the receipt. After hunting, I found it. In the envelope I was preparing to send. So clever. I feel better today.


Your "moments" of creativity are a God send to me.




Thank you for your helpful post that I relate to. I retired due to parkinson's. Parkinson's took my life away as I knew it to be and transported me to a place I haven't a clue where

it is nor why I am here or what do do with this new environment. So I'll do what I have be

doing for many years. For me I will trust in God and submit to His will and plan for what

ever He has in store for my future which in short in my opinion. I have had a difficult but

full life. ~~~~Dennis


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