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"There's no money in a cure"

These were the words straight out of my neuro's mouth. When I asked about new meds and I told her to tell me the truth, and,.......she did! I had to go off Azilect because I needed Anti-depressants while going through menopause! When she said I had to go off of it I asked if it would make a big difference and she said no, research is showing it really doesn't make a difference.

So what does this tell us? Are we doomed to take meds and eventually have holes drilled in our heads because "there's no money in a cure"? I hate to sound all JFK about this but we really have people researching for a cure or another pill? Is the answer to give all the research money to those who have had more developments? Only fund researchers who are making advancements? I'd love to know what you've heard and think.

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I think we have to be informed participants in our own treatment and this includes reading up on research then deciding what we personally believe about 'the cure'.

Your neuro told you her truth but 'truth' is multiple, she just gave you a part. So Azilect doesn't make much difference? I wonder what she means? Is this a comment about its neuroprotective properties or its use as a mono therapy or as a combination therapy. The answer is potentially different for each.

We cannot really judge her response without knowing more because what we write says as much about us as her doesn't it?


I agree.


When the Scientists find a cure who will control who has that cure?

The Drug Companies of course.

It is in their interests to find new drugs to treat diseases, but I believe not a cure.

why would the drug companies cut their own throats to produce something which could be an instant cure?

They have an interest to make sure they constantly bring out new drugs at vast cost to doctors Hospitals etc.

I believe they can never find a cure for PD or many other Chronic diseases, only drugs to help relieve the condition so it appears not to exist.

I really do think that is the best we can hope for.


I'm not holding my breath waiting for a cure. I'm too busy getting through the day. Decided to be happy today. Just today, tomorrow I'll be whingin' agin!


That's ok PatV . I'll whine sunday tuesday and thursday, you can have monday, wednesday and friday, No whining on saturday! hehe


What a good idea and how kind, you've left Saturday for me.


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