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Life Goes On

I can't keep

a thought in my head,

so easily distracted

As Life goes on

around me.

A flurry of activity,

so much living ,

moving way too fast

for me to join in.

The wind,

fierce and wild,

screams change.

My mind goes quiet,

remembering that

with change

comes loss and

the leaving behind

of home and family.

I grow tired of watching,

my limited energy

overwhelm me and

I fall into myself

wanting invisibility

from the stares

and questions

So much of my days now,

are filled with

medication schedule,

doctor's appointments,

and therapy

to challenge

and push my

degenerating brain

to work harder.

I am so tired,

sleep evades me

and yet.

Life still goes on

around me.

My mind has dulled

my face reflecting

the insomnia

that 's stealing

what life

I have left

that Parkinson's

has not already


I watch life

go on

around me...


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Wow! That's some poem you've created there, Jupiterjane! It says it all in the title, doesn't it?

Do you belong to any poetry sites? I'm on (Silver Moon). :)



Once again you have expressed yourself amd your feelings so well. What a wonderful gift you have been blessed with. I have not got the words to express my thoughts on reading this piece. So will not try. Take care.



Thanks for your kind words. It is such a struggle anymore to put these sentences together,but I refuse to stop my lifes long passion of poetry!



Good for you! I, along with others, would miss it.

Hugs, Terri


Never be beaten by anything is one of my Motto's.

Keep that poetry coming it can be inspirational to many,

I wish you all the best.


Have just been looking at your latest artwork on Facebook. These are brilliant, especially the last two - with the hands praying. Thanks for sharing.



Thanks Sue, I appreciate you taking the time to look!



Love this you have said it so well for those of us who can't.

Thank you

You draw? Paint? Also


Yes, I paint also. Never had any training so keep that in mind when and if you visit my art page on Facebook. The link is



Another wonderful poem! You are so creative.


I liked your poem, so I read all your posts. Now I am looking forward to the next one. I find that I am happiest when I am making something, a painting or woodworking. It sometimes takes many attempts to get it right until I am happy with it but when I am lost deep in the creating the pain and cares are gone.

I hope it works that way for you too. More poems please.

Thanks, Jim


Thanks Jim, it does work that way for me also. When I am painting or writing poetry I have no pain! I always hate puttng up the paintbrush or pen.

Thanks for reading,



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