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HEY I JUST WENT TO my phys.therapist...what a great idea he gave me,,,i really am excited about anyway..i fall all the time for noreason..he gave me or told me to get from walmart outdoor double tracking pole set cost 20.00...i havnt falliing since i started using them please try them i have parkinsonism meds dont help i donot have shakes i fall 10 to 15 times voice is so low and my hand writting group i have been seeing at..VTECH IN RICHMOND REALLY CARE...I WILL KEEP U ALL INFORMED..


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Jill, have you tried to find an LSVT therapist in the UK? There are 592 there. Use the website to locate a certified therapist.


Jill, trecking poles are in most outdoor stores over here and if you google Nordic Walking in your area you might find a trainer who will be able to look at you walk and set you up with the technique. It helps to keep you walking with a regulat stride.

However, your first paort of call should be a physio, preferably a neurophysio. The OT should be able to help you try out a range of assisstive technologies for a while before you buy.

A neurophysio gave my husband handwriting exercises and I am sure if he actually did them things would improve. His choice though!

He also had LSVT and that made the biggest change in his confidence ever. Your GP or Parkinson's nurse are the gatekeeper to these services.

Best wishes,



I really identified w/your comment; "my voice is so low and my hand writing sucks". I'm just about to start my 5th or 6th round of speech therapy... and it has helped some. But my writing! OMG! More often than not I cannot even read my own notes on things... and I no longer even attempt cursive.

I'm not too far from Richmond and would like to hear more about the VTECH group. Do they assist w/writing?


give me a call...after 10 am my wife will be able to talk for me.....cant hear me on the phone..804 704 3090 ask for Karen


I heartedly recommend Lee Silverman's LOUD and BIG Therapy programs for people with Parkinson's who have speech and falling issues. I have fallen maybe twice since completing BIG therapy in 2010. Before that I was falling 3-5 times a week.

Everything you need to know about this can be found at the LSVT site, including where to find certified therapists.


hi word works

manyt thanks 4 ur comments

i shall try to ge tteh poles and a recumbent bike

already using the rowign machien for a coupel fo minut es a day

lol Jill



will ship i am sure


I have been using a pole/poles for a while. They really do work well. They stopped me from bending over as I tended to do with a cane. Make sure to get the proper type that is right for you. Get the more expensive adjustable type, plus with changeable bottom ie removable rubber surface to an ice pick bottom. They will run you about $ 70 - up for a pair. They are sold at Mountain Coop, Sail, Bass Pro, Canadian Tire, Walmart or any major Outdoor Store.

:) Ryan


I agree ...but not that exspencive...mine were 20 a pair..adjustable type, plus with changeable bottom ie removable rubber surface to an ice pick bottom. I gpt mine Tuesday I havnt falling once were b4 i was falling at least 10 times aday...praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!


Did you just go out and walk with them or did someone show you how? Someone bought me a pair but I haven't gone out on the NYC streets with them yet. My parkie classes will be offering a walking class next term (to prepare for the Parkinson's Walk in April (GO TEAM BOLD MOVES!) ) and I'm going to ask the coach for how to use them.


It sure is good to hear from someone who has Parkinson-isms. I'm in the same boat. I haven't fallen, but balance is terrible.It's very hard to just get around. My writing is illegible, and my speech is hard to understand. I haven't fallen yet, but it's just because I find something to catch me. But I don't have any shakes, except for my teeth. They chatter. Have to be careful getting out of bed, waiting till the world stops spinning.



I HAVe psp and am fallign still 4-6 times daily

and my speech si poor and my writign illegible

cannot co ordniat e and do butttons nad zips up

but still smiling




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