The Bucket List Tour Continues

The Bucket List Tour Continues

Wednesday this week was a strenuous day for this Parkie and his wife. We left the motel early for an inexpensive but filling breakfast at the Denny's down the street. Then, before the sun rose, we headed north to Lake Valley, an old mining community that is a ghost town maintained by the Bureau of Land Management.

Lori, a city girl, was thrilled as the morning sun began peaking over the mountains to the east. Free-range cattle and a wind farm's windmills broke the monotony of the desert landscape. Soon we were in the mountains and the ghost town was only half an hour away. When we arrived we saw it opened at 9 AM so we took a dirt road marked 'Forest Trail,' It was a trip through time. The picture of Lori and I on this posting was taken on this part of the trip.

After we left the ghost town, we continued north to Hillsboro, another mining town that is now an eclectic collection of buildings that serve a few hundred year-round residents and snowbird tourists. It wasn't long before we entered the Gila National Forest. The pine trees were majestic as we wound our way through the two-lane road that took us to the summit of one of the tallest mountains in the park.

We headed home after our long day of playing tourist. The best part of the trip for this Parkie is the fact that the excitement of our adventure seems to have caused my PD symptoms to wane for a little while. However, by the time we arrived back at the motel, the symptoms had returned and familiar feelings of fatigue had set in.

More next week.

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  • hi words and lori

    good to ge tyour blgo agian

    lol JIll


  • Thanks Jillann. Have a great Sunday! ;)

  • Hi you two. Glad Lori is well enough to travel again and enjoy it. Somehow, I missed your posting last week - I hope you saw something interesting and I truly am enjoying sharing your travels with you. We are up here in the foothills of the Cascade Range mountains east of Seattle and probably will not visit the desert states again. We moved here 20 years ago from Southern CA and made many trips to the Anza Borego National Preserve when the desert wild flowers were blooming. Because of family in the SF Bay Area, we traveled HWY 5 up and down the state at lest twice a year over the "Grapevine" and really enjoyed the wild flowers there. We always called AAA to find out when was the best time to visit. But never made it to ghost town. Please keep on sending your bucket list emails. We enjoy them so much. Our best to you and Lori.

    Jenny & David .

  • Thanks Jenny & Davy. We are doing everything we have wanted to do in the past but never had the time or opportunity. We plan to keep this life style up as long as we can. It has really brought us closer.

  • Er whats a bucket list?

  • Pete, a Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket (pass away). It also is the title of a film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

  • Ah! thank you

  • I love the pic' of Lori and you! Thanks for taking the time to post, it's like being on the "bucket list" tour with you two.....Take care and enjoy!


  • Thanks CJ, we plan to do a blog post every Sunday.

  • Loved reading your post and so happy you are able to fulfill some of the dreams on your bucket list. Take care and enjoy every moment possible!

  • ;) Thanks Raven

  • While traveling, MJF expericned a lessening of his symptoms at higher altitudes.

  • Thanks Larry. We will keep that in mind. One of the things we want to do is become volunteers for several months in a national park or forest. We already have applied at the Gila National Forest, where many of the mountains are 8000 to 10,000 feet. We also applied at the Gila Cliff Dwelling Monument and several other federal parks and forests. Anyone interested in this should check out It lists alal kinds of volunteer jobs.

  • Oh my going to a mining town is on my bucket list how so very cool. My dad worked in the coal mines so I'm a true coal miners daughter. But i want to go where they salt the mine so you get some kind of treasure:)

  • Lori and I have an interest in the paranormal and what better place to seek out ghosts but in an old ghost town. We have applied to be a volunteer in residence at the Garnet Ghost Town starting in May of 2013. Many people have documented the presence of spirits there.

  • That is so cool . Please keep us informed. the mine i wanted to go to was in north carolina . I love the thought of ghost being with us.

  • I'm glad the both of you are enjoying Southwestern New Mexico. New Mexico is called "The Land of Enchantment". Sounds like you are experiencing being enchanted!

  • We are truly enchanted with NM. The people and places have all been fun to visit. New Mexico must be blessed with the friendliest people in the world and som of the most unique and picturesque places in the world.

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