For my friends in the US...Is anyone on Disability?

How does one qualify to get on it? I tried to apply myself and was rejected..Also does disability also take care of medical insurance? How does it work? Any helpand pointer wud be appreciated... I will be going in for DBS on Nov15th

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  • yes, i am on disability. i filed myself also and was approved within 3 months. however, there is a 2 yr waiting period for medicare...not sure why. i will be getting my medicare in june, 2013. you need to get a lawyer and appeal.... he/she will get you what you deserve. make sure the lawyer specializes in these type of claims. i was fortunate, shocked actually, to get approved the first time with no lawyer. good luck!

  • thank you so much for your response. So doe this mean that one still pays for medical insurance while on disability?

  • i'm no quite sure i understand your question.... once you are eligible for medicare then yes you have to pay for it... i think it's around $100.00 and they take it right out of your ss check. i believe the benefits are 80/20... they pay 80% and you are responsible for 20% that's why it is a good idea to get supplement insurance. in my situation, i am on my husband's insurance thru his employer and when my medicare starts i will continue using his but then his insurance would become secondary and my medicare will be primary, so for me that will be my supplement insurance and they should cover any costs that medicare won't. does this answer your question?

  • yes it sure does:) Getting insurance coverage has been a nightmare, mostly because my husband is self was wonndering how that worked:) ty much

  • We applied ourselves and my husband was approved within a month of his IME. We had to wait 2 years from the date of application to get Medicare. Since you were denied the first time, when you win on appeal, the payments would be retroactive and that will shorten your wait time till Medicare starts. Look at Medicare Advantage plans once you are eligible. I don't know what State you live in but also check for prescription assistance.When you are approved, you will be paid the amount you would have received from SS at full retirement age.

    BTW- if anyone applies for SS Dbl, list any and every doctor you have seen from your primary to any neurologists or neurosurgeon and chiropractor. The more documentation you can provide, the better your chances of approval

  • thank u so much:)) I think maybe a lawyer will help...let's see...

  • Make sure if you and your primary care doctor are on the same page. If your Primary Care doctor doesn't think you are disabled and puts that in their notes or on Social Security paperwork, you will probably get denied. Make sure to get documentation from your last job if Parkinson's caused you a bad evaluation or dismissal. Medicare does take 2 years and its ridiculous because you are disabled and sick and need the insurance. Lots of places will adjust the bill if you have low income, but you have to ask. good luck

  • good info:)) ty

  • When I read this I pray to God to be so Thankful for our NHS in Britian.

    It must become an absolute nightmare in the USA if you become Chronically ill.

    I hope you get the benefits you apply for I wish you all the very best

  • yes it is a pain in the ... you know where:)

  • Hello. I applied May 2009 and was finally approved January 2011. I retained an approved law firm. They all get paid the same 25% of what you receive with a $6,000 max. My SSDI was retroactive to May 2009 so SSA paid $6000 to law firm from my lump sum back months payments. You qualify for Medicare after receiving SSDI payments for 24 months regards of age if under 65. Medicare pays 80% after a deductible Part B deductive. Part A is for hospital and pays 100% of approved charges after a deductible.

  • Hmm I have to look back on the paperwork I had submitted... lets see what can be done..

  • I was lucky got approved right away. You may not want to get a lawyer but I've heard its the best way sucks you have to wait two years for medicare i didn't know that at first I'm lucky company i worked for is paying my insurane for 18 months so i didn't file lawsuit against them for terminating me because of pd. Girl get in there and fight its the only way you will win

  • nice and i m glad you did....yea fighting the fight is exhausting..:)

  • I filed for SSD in April of this year - I was denied the first time but filed an appeal - still no answer but I have been using a lawyer from the beginning. I was diagnosed in October 2007, laid off from my job in May 2010 but because I received unemployment for 99 weeks they told me if I used by disability date from May 2010 - I would have had to pay all that unemployment back because I was unable to work. It took me awhile to get insurance because they all make you feel like crap because you have a disease and don't want to insure you. My husband is self employed and we had to end up using two different insurance companies. Best of luck with your claim and your DBS. Does insurance pay for DBS? I don't think I could do it but I am so happy for all of you that do.

  • well yes the insurance is paying, and they better do, after paying premiums that would probably pay another mortgage....darn insurance companies....

    ty for the info:))

  • I hired Binder&Binde,r my disability was approved ri\ght away,I started to receive my dfisability cheks in November..I was under 65 ,my medicare started two years later. I went to an insurance broker and got a health insurance plan that covers drugs too. It's 88 dollas a month and it is automaticl taken out of my disabikity check. I had my DBS surgery before I got medicare. My insurance covered it.. I just had to wait for approval first. M y co-pay was 100 dollars for my MRI,and that was all paid.

  • hmm interesting information thank you:))

  • Hi Sukas,

    I too am on SSDI and got it approved within about 3 months after applying. I did do tons of research online before applying and applied in person and followed up in person which helped me get approved the first time through. As did personal letters from all of my doctors, having good medical records and of my efforts to continue working. Everyone who i know who applied before I did got turned down at least once then had to go through the less inexpensive way of getting an atty to represent them.

    Bummer on the 2 year wait (darn politicians!) for medicare, (my DBS cost over $120,000).

    I know of no way to speed that up!

    Best wishes

    Steve in Bisbee, AZ

  • Get a lawyer, it was worth every cent! MIne went through in 3-4 months -tops. Now getting along on this paltry amount is not so easy. After working and paying taxes for 40 years didn't think my monthly statement would be over 6 times less than what I earned before! My investment strategy did not include leaving work at 50 - oh well at least it's never boring!

  • My husband who has had Parkinson's since 1997. In Dec of 2002 he lost his job . He filed for SSDI that month. He was approved right away just by them obtaining his medical records and having his neurologist write a letter. Since you need to be disabled for a period of six months before benefit checks begin. His checks began in August of that year, retroactively to June. Meaning since SSDI pays for the month before he received his first check for June and July combined.

    I was employed at that time so I was able to add him to my company plan, since it was a group policy there was no pre existing cause he was added.

    My husband is a Veteran so he also started using his Veterans health care benefit .

    If anyone is a Veteran the Veteran Affairs has a excellent system available.

    Also since my husband was in Vietnam he is receiving monthly compensation from the VA. Parkinson's is considered service connected under one of the presumption illness caused by Agent Orange. It was added in 2010 to the list. You need not have been a combat veteran to receive only to have at one time been in the Republic of Vietnam during the years 1964 thru 1973.

    Also right now for people looking for private health insurance they can not turn you away because of our new law Pres Obama enacted also known as Obama care. But that could change next year depending on election. Good luck to all. Noreen Hamm

  • Wow, you all have been so helpful! I'm thinking of going on disability (I'm 54). Was planning on getting a lawyer, but thinking of doing it myself. Got my doctors OK too. Thanks again!

  • I applied online and I made sure to fill every box . I also made sure to get a second opinion from a PD specialist. I was approved after I was let go from my work. It was very nerve racking at first not knowing if I would get SS. So I know what you are going thru. Hang in there.

  • New to all of this. What isDBs

  • deep brain stimulation....

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