Today is my Bride and my 50th anniversary and I have put up with PD for 10 yrs of that!

We have decided to have a family get together to celebrate as It would be difficult to handle our customary 150 friends and family to a function that I might or might not see through to the end.

My wife has been a great help in how I approached PD.

We decided to become activists and so joined the local support group.

Together we soon were involved at a State then National and finally at an International level.We hope that we have been effectual at each of these levels.

Now my wife Becky is more involved than I as along with still being on the State PD board she is on the Health Consumers Management Committee and other health related bodies. We are still actively playing bridge and I try to hit the little white ball!

So you can see Pd is a challenge and we have decided to accept the challenge,

I hope this shows you all a way to look at PD and wish that instead of words we get a major break through in the near future,then I will truly celebrate!.

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  • Congratulations Becky & John.

    What a fantastic milestone. Your love and support of each other has brought you a long way. May you continue to hit it short and straight, make a few putts, bid and make that 7 no-trump, but most important, amid the challenges, smile and laugh each wonderful day that you are together..

    My very best wishes!

    :) Ryan

  • thanks Ryan.

    Keep up your good work


  • hi john

    many congrats to you and bECKY!!

    LOL jiLL


  • Appreciate your thoughts

    John & Becky

  • Congratulations to you both....you have both grown in ways you never imagined...grown in love and in respect -- not only for each other-- but from so, so many on an international level-- carry on brave soldiers and messengers of love...Happy Anniversary

  • We are always carrying the flag and your kind remarks only help us keep on going

    John and Becky

  • Congrats on your 50th. Mine is next month. I have had PD for 26 yrs. Having a good attitude is key!

  • Thanks from both of us


  • Thanks from both of us


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  • Congratulations to you both and keep up the good and rewarding work you are doing.

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  • Congratulations! What a fine clebration to be able to have.

    Thank you both for your work with Parkinson community efforts.

    Best wishes,


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  • Thanks, and enjoy your day.



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  • Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. I always regret not going to my grandparents 50th anniversary celebration. Great happiness to you both and your happiness. And I hope your example of service and fun convinces people life with PD is meaninful and fulfilling.

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  • Congratulations! A wonderful milestone to make together.

    Hugs, Terri

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  • Congratulations on celebrating your 50th. Your words, actions and attitude are inspiring.

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  • Congratulations on hitting 50 years. My praises to your wife. I hope to become more involved when I retire in a couple of years so maybe we shall meet one day. We celebrated our 42nd this year and I pray for many more.

  • To each and every one of you Becky and I send our thanks.

    It is easier knowing such great advocates as Tom Issacs and Jon Stamford as well as Robin Elliot of PDF in N.Y. who have inspired us by their contributions to making life easier for PWP.

    Just keep on hoping for that break through!!

    John and Becky

  • my husband and me have just celebrated our 55th anniversary. We had a wonderful 4 days away at a resort on the gold coast in queensland with all our family. We really are so blessed to have such a caring family. Don't know how many more years we will celebrate together as my husband can't recognise any of his family - but they know him and love him - and this is what matters most. Joan

  • "50 years of marriage" is a blessing....not because of the many trials you two must have gone through.....but because of the trials you are "still bearing."

    This is the true meaning of "For better or worse, Richer or poorer, in sickness and in health".....

    ......I'm not going to finish the vows, because .....When a couple has "Unconditional Love", there is no "end" to Love......

    Love is held in the heart and soul of a being "from here to eternity."

    May your marriage always be in "His Light".

    Blessings always,


  • Special thanks for your kind words.

    We didn't take the traditional vows because of the particulars wedding service we had However the meaning of the words is well understood by both of us!


  • 50 years is certainly some achievement. You are lucky to have found each other. You are both an inspiration to all of us who are drawn together by Parkinsons. I have made some good friends on this Site. I will have been married 43 years this week. Long may you both continue.

  • Happy Anniversary!

    Hope you have as good a day as we had


  • Mazel tov, John and Bec. Jude and I are only "pups" compared to you ( 38 years in November).must get together again for another bridge game. To all those who don't know J and B, John was president of our state PD association and turned it around from a cottage industry into a well- managed, financially viable and thriving organization. His contacts with business and government were indispensable and now, as ex-president, J still is heavily involved in state, federal and international organizations. Behind every successful man there stands a woman. Not so in this case! Bec stands besides John (sometimes even in front (lol)) and is a wonderful help to J. Btw, all this happens in New South Wales (Sydney)Australia. I have just joined PM because of J and B. It is a very interesting forum. Thanks J and B.




  • Nothing to be embarrassed about. Your unselfish efforts over the past years have been dedicated to getting things done for fellow PD sufferers. You have made governments aware of this insidious disease especially the extent, demographics and cost to community and PD patients and the lack of funding. It is they who should be embarrassed. You do not seek accolade, but it is nice to get a "well done" every now and then. A quiet achiever. Ok! That's it. When's our next bridge game?

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