Parkinson's Movement is conducting a survey about how people with Parkinson's use technology in their daily lives, specifically with respect to Parkinson's? Are you the kind of PwP who tries to stay on an even keel are using the best modern technology? Or do you monitor your health once in a while -- perhaps not even that on some days. Your information is valuable in our current survey.

Please go to to complete the survey.

We could do with a really fast response on this one. So complete the survey then

1) e-mail the link to other friends with Parkinson's

2) post the link on the Parkinson's forums

3) ask your friends to spread the word too


the Parkinson's Movement team

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  • Completed this survey very early this morning. Thanks Jon.

  • Completed survey but I'm not sure that my answers were comprehensive as the questions were very open eg is 'technology' as used in the survey all electric/IT or mechanical or both? I put some of each but the list of mechanical aids would be too onerous to type.

  • Hi, I completed the survey yesterday but would like to check out some of the apps listed in the survey, but having completed the survey, I can no longer access the list.Could you post the list of apps?

  • These are they...

    PD life


    Calorie Counter




    Voice Recorder

    Parkinson's Toolkit

    Parkinsons by Doctot

    Living Medical Textbook

    Parkinsons info

    Speed Tapping

    Fast Fingers


    Any Sleep monitoring apps

    Any cognitive testing apps

    Any medication reminder apps

    Any fitness related apps

    Any diet related apps

    Any reaction-time measuring apps

  • Many thanks...

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