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Sleep, overrated or understated

Sleep, overrated or understated

Sleep, overrated or understated

Now there's a question to which i know the answer

But to answer, I really should, look back to when I could

The could wasn't a cant as much as a probably didn't

And the didn't usually proceeded what was normally clearly needed

Instead there was no bed because it was simply overated

Now the hands of time, well they've moved on

And been around the dial once or twice,

perhaps more, maybe even three or four

no matter the number I'm certainly older

But for arguments sake and to keep the the peace

Lets just stick with three or four

For what's the point

For nows the question

For here we go again

Three fours are 12 and that's the time I like to be seen

Crawling into bed

Maybe it obvious, maybe it's not

Maybe it's just understated

But the importance of sleep, counting sheep

That's where you need to be

Now theres a conundrum indeed

Which despite my desire to slide in next to you

I languish as you get that head start

For too early, I'm restless and awake at two

Left trying so hard not to disturb you

Later works better or at least it seems to

So for me the sheep just have to wait

While I sit here and miss you

Sweet dreams xXx

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Brilliant and beautiful! You are a word shepherd like St Patrick was for Ireland, no?


Try counting sheep the Yorkshire way not only put you to sleep but drive you mad in the process.

1 yan

2 tena

3 tethra

4 Pethra

5 pimps

6 Sarfra

7 larfra

8 ofra

9 dofra

10 dix

11 enadix

12 tenadix

13 tethradix

14 pethradix

15 bumpit

16 enabumpit

17 tenabumpit

18 tethrabumpit

19 pethrabumpit

20 sigit

And so forth




I told you so, asleep in a second.


The Yorkshire ways confusing me looking at it let alone trying to remember it, i must be mad


Ahhh the ParkiePoet, good morning or Top Of

Your'e far too kind as there is only word shepherd in this thread, and your words proceed you :)


enjoyed the poem!



a good poem

lol JIll



Thanks Joyce great to know :)


Hi Jill thanks :)


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