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solicitors-what if

I have a general dislike and suspicion of door-to-door traveling salesmen (or web site to web site). I resent their knock on my door. I resent their arrogant intrusion.

If I want info, if I want to buy something I'll search for it.

Hang your open for business sign on YOUR door---stay away from mine.

IF what you have is so profound--"viral" as you suggest impressively--your success is guaranteed.


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I had to laugh. Recently, I was standing in a public telephone box in Cornwall, waiting for a return call from my husband. It rang, I answered, only to be told that records had shown me as eligible for compensation for mis-sold insurance.

Are they really out to get me or does the telephone kiosk have a life we can only imagine?


How funny--

reminds me of the comment, "I'm not paranoid, I just know everyone is out to get me."


I agree! I hate shopping and I hate being solicited. I read Consumer Reports and I've made a few poor purchases but I want it to be my decision. Want to go off in the woods like Emerson and live simply. Anyone with me :D


(if there are any woods left)


Im there, Im there!!


I am a door to door salesman.

I was a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist before my symptoms got too bad to continue helping people heal. I am a natural born healer...

But now I walk the streets and my boss insists that I knock on 30+ doors around dinner time. (It's when you are home). I have to make my % numbers, otherwise i'm fired... I hate disturbing you, but I really need the benefits, so I suffer the slings and arrows with a big smile, (forced, of course). So, what is my point?

Just like the able bodied people who have no clue what you are going through, don't assume that I want to annoy you, be kind, you don't have to buy what I'm trying to sell. Enjoy the interaction, have fun with it and smile, it ain't so bad....


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