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Since I have been back from my excursion to the other side of the world, Bali for those who have followed my blogs, I have notice a distinct change in me, both mental and physical.

For one thing I am working out more, yoga 5-6 times a week and still taking pilates two hours a week. That in itself is a GREAT improvement!! I have lost 12 pounds so far and I want to and intend to loose more. My attitute is much better, not so many down days, though they may still come, I don't think they would be as bad because I would just go to yoga and sweat it out.

So there is a possiblity for a good and fulfilling life after the dx for PD!!! Not that everyone can or would take a trip like I did (I was so lucky to have my precious duaghter travel with me!!) but if you want to do something, don't let this thing we all hate (Parkinson's) stop you!!! If you can, take a short day trip, then extend it if you can. The best thing I learned from my trip is to plan out every detail and come prepared to deal with the unexpected too.

So with all my heart I hope each of you can take some kind of trip or excursion, and that each of you will be better when you are finished.

Love to all of you!!


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Thank you for the update and encouragement!!

I have found exercise to be a tremendous help!


Thank you for this post. I am going on a week's holiday to the Canary Islands shortly and was worried how I will cope. My meds are not working well at the moment. despite advice from my Consultant and I am also experiencing pain in my knee and hip, which makes it difficult for me to walk or exercise. Have been told this pain is not caused by my Parkinsons, but I am not so sure.

Your post is sending me back to my GP as I need answers and not pain killers to cope with this pain. Also could do with losing some weight, but too late for my hols now. Lead a very busy life, with care of grandchildren regularly, so hope the complete change of pace will help.


hi sue

i am sorry your pain is gettign the better of you

the time you spend on holiday is so important

and like sadie says it is important to provid efor any and everey eventuality

re the parkinsons etc

so plz go and ENJOY the hols you have

r u going with familys/

lol Jill



No just with my husband. Need a rest from the family, much as I love them!!

Sure I will enjoy it when I get there. Pain is more of an inconvenience than anything and I am not keen to take painkillers.

How are you getting on? Think you have my e-mail address, so maybe we could comminicate that way if it is easier for you.




Just take it one day at a time, do go back to your GP to see what steps you can do before you leave and even if you just lie in a beach chair and absorb the sunshine, enjoy every moment as best as you can!!! Have a good trip and let me hear from you when you get back.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!



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