Does anyone know where anyone living in N.Y. State can get medical assistance with their medical bills?

I have a Medicare Advantage plan and also an AARP prescription insurance plan. My Medicare Advantage plan charges a $50.00 co-pay to see a specialist of any kind and then I am left with the balance that the insurance didn't pay. I have discontinued going to any specialist except my Neurologist, because he is the one who diagnosed me with PD or M.S.A., he is not completely sure which one I have. I live in N.Y. State and in this state, I cannot get Medicaid and have private insurance also; its one or the other. Thanks and God Bless :-)

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  • What part of NY do you live in? Have you checked out the other plans in your area? In WNY we have three major Medicare Advantage providers and my husband pays $30 for a specialist and do not get billed for anything else. Are you EPIC eligible? Doesn't your Medicare Advantage plan cover your prescriptions? I guess I have more questions than answers right now but maybe I can help with more information.

  • I agree - we live in Ohio and also have Medicare Advantage providers (our co-pay is $40 but we never pay anything else). It also covers prescriptions with a small fee depending on the medication. I would definitely check into some other plans because I'm sure you should be able to find one plan that covers both medical and precriptions with just a copay. Good luck!

  • I live in northeast N.Y. I am only 57 and am not eligible for EPIC, but I do have a prescription plan that pays real well with most of my co-pays being anywhere from $2.50-6.50 which I don't mind paying. I am going to check out other plans in my area and see if I can find one that has more coverage at an affordable cost. Thanks for the info.

  • It must be an absolute headache for you with all this medical insurance

    Thank God in the UK we have the National Health Service (long may it Reign)

    I do hope you go on OK, and find the answer you are looking for and the help you need.

    Best wishes.

  • Yes it is, but that's the way it is here. I like living in the U.S.A. and will just keep trying to find an insurance provider that pays more. Thanks for the comeback.

    God Bless :-)

  • Are you paying out of pocket for the Medicare Advantage? Have you tried Fidelis ? They are very helpful and help people with their applications. Is your employer paying for the Medicare Advantage? I'm currently on Aetna-Medicare and co-pay is $20. I agree with oldtyke. It is a pain. My 92 year old mother won't go to doctor out of fear of bills.

  • I am 57 and I am on S.S.D.I; thus the reason for the medicare advantage plan. I haven't tried Fidelis, but I definitely look into it. I also will check into Aetna-Medicare and see if that has anything better to offer. I understand why your mother won't go to doctors; that is why I have cancelled all my appointments with my specialists except for my Neurologist, who is the one who diagnosed me with PD or Shy-Drager, He is not quite sure which one I have mainly because of the fact that I also have dysautonomia. Thanks for your input and God Bless :-)

  • There are numerous plans that are available that add extra coverage to medicare.

    Typically, the lower the co-payment, the more expensive the plan. Basically, it's a " Get what you pay for " insurance. Our plan has a $10.00 co pay but it costs thousands more than the $50.00 co-pay.This is through Blue Cross and Blue Shield Senior Blue. You must weigh the benefits on an individual basis. Independent Health offers a better option also. Call them. Great coverage and limited cost.

  • Thanks, I will try Independent Health and see what they have to offer. I appreciate your input.

    God Bless :-0

  • Besides my medical I have AmeriPlan. It helps in a lot of ways.

  • I will also try AmeriPlan, I will take any help that I can get. Thanks.

    God Bless :-)

  • Start watching for the meetings about next year's coverages. You can sit down with a rep and discuss which plan is best for you. Then you can compare the different companies. You have till Dec 1 to choose, unless they changed the date. Hubby has Independent Health with no monthly premium other than the standard Medicare.

  • I hope you don't have Shy-Drager. Are you seeing a Movement Disorder Specialist- a neuro who specializes in PD?

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