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Has anyone expeienced their Pd symptoms being made made worse by having a VERY hot bath?

I had a VERY hot bath - I could kneel in it only for 5 minues then had

to get out - legs a bright criimson - but tt helped the aches anf pains from gardening, I then put cold water in and lay for an hout

My drugs last 4 hours unless I am very tired but that night I was a zombie after 3 hours and had to be helped out the bath (I started my weight training about 3 years ago to ensure I always could easily lift myself out of the bath)

The only other thought I had was I used a particularly strong midge repellant because they were hungry that night - but that seems an unlikely cause?

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just a thought but I use a hot bath every morning to accelerate my meds so Sushi is half an hour less with crossed legs


Can't stand hot baths, they turn me into a rag doll and as I need help in and out I need to be able to co-operate

If you feel stiff after doing anything try a ''not too hot bath'' with Radox (or other) and lots of salt if you get bitten by midges.

Really hot Baths are very dangerous, you could have severely scalded yourself.

Take care.


Thanks - I won't be doing this again but t's good to hear confirmation that hot baths can indeed cause "rag doll syndrome"

ave a good day


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