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Well I am back and in one piece!! The trip was very long, especially the return trip, (we had a 21 hour layover in Taipei), but it is a trip I would not have missed for the world!!!

Bali was absolutely beautiful, lush and green, with rice fields everywhere. The people were so warm and freindly, and always there with a helping hand if I needed it. The children were gorgeous. Everywhere we went, people were smiling and really seemed to love their country!!!

If anyone wants more details, just let me know and I will expound on my trip.

PS. I had the most wonderful and amazing travel companion, my daughter!!! I would not have wanted to share my experience in Bali with anyone else!!!

PPS If you are planning to go to Bali,be prepared to have the life scared out of you, the Balinise are a delightful people but traffic is scarey as he--.

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  • Encouraging. Glad you enjoyed your trip and were blessed with your daughter's company. :)

  • Did you come across the Marigold Hotel , sounds wonderful, glad you enjoyed it all x




  • Me too! Love to hear about the trip and see pictures and how you coped, Are you on Facebook?

  • Yes I am, freind me as Sally G Pittman

  • Sorry my spelling is not good. friend!!

  • I too would love to hear more about your trip. Visiting Bali is on my "bucket list" but I doubt we will ever make it there. I loved the movie Eat Pray Love and the Bali scenery looked absolutely beautiful! So glad you had a great time and that your daughter was able to go with you.

  • OK for all you people out there who are glutton's for punishment, here goes.

    We landed in Denpasar, Bali on the 6th after 2 days of travel. The trip going was not bad, I was so excited so I was running on emotions. Since the retreat did not start until the 7th, we spent the night at the Grand Balisani Hotel, which is located right on the Indian Ocean. We were upgraded to a suite (with no increase in cost or even asking), and the suite was huge. The bathroom was awesome too!! At noon on the 7th, a driver from Soulshine Bali came to pick us up to take us to Soulshine for the retreat. The drive to Ubud where Soulshine is located took awhile and the traffic was horrible!! There were no traffic signals, no police that we could see and there had to have been 20 million (exagerated but sure seemed like that many!!) mopeds and motor scooters on the roads. They drive on the opposite side of the road from us (in the US). Everywhere we looked there seemed to be construction going on. We were sideswiped by a truck so that added more excitment to our ride.

    We got to Soulshine and Michael Franti (he is an internationally known musician) and his lovely girlfriend Sara, were there to greet us. The place was huge and opened and beautiful!! When you get to the main house, you are supposed to take your shoes off. I did not put them back on the entire 7 days, except to go see the healer and go out to dinner one night. Everywhere we looked, the land was green and lush. There were rice paddies all around us. We were shown to our rooms, the first night my daughter and I stayed in the Garden Suite. (the second night we were moved to Michael's Suite where we stayed the rest of our trip.) Soulshine is awesome, the main house is 3 stories. If you want to see some pictures go to I will try to upload my pictures soon.

    I am going to stop now, I have alot more to tell you but I have to go to yoga, so until later.

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