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Weekend Greetings


Hiya :-)

I'm writing this blog whilst at work, I've been on since 3pm and finish at 10pm and I'm doing a sleep in, finishing tomorrow morning in time to go see my kids. Job is going very well and I'm getting more hours. I'm working again on sunday doing same hours.

Let me know what your doing and I hope everyone has a great weekend...whatever the weather.

Love n hugs :-)

Andy xx

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Hiya Andy

Glad your job is going so well. I am at home this weekend - no mice again last weekend, but we will have to wait and see.

I am looking after my grandaughter, aged 4 and her new brother, just over 2 weeks old for a while tomorrow. It is my daughter in laws grandparents Diamond Weddnig. What an achievement. I am hoping I will have enough energy and that Jamie sleeps, although we very rarely see him with his eyes open.

Enjoy your day with your children and keep me posted.


hi andy and all

good weekend for weathe ros far!

choosing curtain mateiral for our nwe apartment'

then visiitign 2 o fthe ladies from parkinsons tomorrow oboth in hosp;ital afte rfalling and breakign a limb

then sunday a saints match at home

am fed yp with the olymp;ic salready - they hav e moved our mach because of the op;ening ceremony

lol JIll

ps then the kitchen is started on monday - and will nto be finishe dfor at least aanother 2 weeks


hi andy

glad your enjoying your new job, im watching olympic opening hoping they give the honour of opening to mohamad ali,

working few hours tommorrow then friends house for few drinks sat evening, then lazy day on sunday, or if rain stays off long walk

been talked into online dating by sister and friends so may reply to my emails ( much to my amazement lots of them), dont know if its a good idea but what have i got to lose,

have a good weekend


Hi all.

Have just finished the first week of the school hols but don't suggest I've been doing nothing within the hearing of my wife. She is delighted that I have recently given up my key stage responsibility so I just have lessons to prepare and no new schemes of work to rewrite this year.

Watching the Olympic opening ceremony at the moment. Very impressive!

Who will light the torch? My money - if I gambled which I don't even with the Requip - is on Sir Steve Redgrave, but i'd hope Becks is involved in the stadium.

Tomorrow is my wife's birthday and her daughter is coming over and we'll go out for a meal.

Incidently Dianne, I met her online, when I offered her a cup of virtual milk in a chatroom.

mitchdee in reply to mathsman

lol. there is hope for me yet .... read my emails few nice guys i think but some real weirdos but hey that what i attract face to face. wish your wife a happy birthday

Hi Andy

Nice to here from you and all sounds good with you. I am at work this afternoon until 10pm then only 2 more shifts to go before my retirement. Had a night out with colleagues last night a farewell do, very emotinonal but good,. got a bit of a head though. Enjoy the kids and take care now


Started painting window frames outside and praying for fine weather.

Good for you Andy. I'm not minding the hot humid weather as much this summer as I am more mobile with my walker. Altho last night I waited more than half an hour for a bus which then crept thru Manhattan more and more crowded with confused tourists and crabby New Yorkers :D Late night meeting. A young man had to help me into a taxi . Home in time to see last hours of Olympic opening. Did Britain proud I thought. This weekend I hope to get out and grab some summer sales before they put all the back to school out. Arg!

PatV in reply to PatV

Watching the bike race now--quite a tour and so green.

Hi Andy,

Glad things continue to go well for you. Enjoy your time with the kids. We are heading to Colorado on Tuesday to visit with our children and grandchildren for three weeks. Dread the packing (we take everything but the kitchen sink), and the drive and will definitely miss the comforts of home but seeing tne kids/grandkids make it worth it. Have a great weekend.

Hugs, Terrri

Hello All,

My daughter from Pennsylvania and my son from Las Vegas came to visit in Las Cruces,NM. My youngest son, Keith, lives in Las Cruces attending New Mexico State as a Sophomore. I had DBS surgery in June so they have come to see dear old Dad. Tonight we are invited to a family BBQ. Cousins, nieces, nephews, grandkids, and great grandkids, will all be there. Just like old times before PD!



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