Grandchildren are a

Gift from God

Spending time with them

Is very special

Telling stories to them

About when you

Were a child

Looking into their

Little faces

You see their

Mother or Father

When they were young

How blessed you feel

When they wrap

Their arms around you

And say I love you

You treasure these moments

And hope they will

Treasure the memories

One day also

6 Replies

  • My oldest granddaughter (3yrs old) is here for the week. Luv your poem!

  • My Husband has Parkinson's Disease & spending time with our Great Nephew who will be 3 in August is the Best Medicine for Him !! We haven't been Blessed with Grand Children Yet but Hopefully Someday !! For Now, We are Thankful for Our Nieces & Nephews Children !! Our Daughter is a 4th Grade Teacher & Spending Time with Her Students is a Blessing for My Husband & I, also !! Enjoy Each Day ! :)

  • Children really help keep our mind off our problems. They truly are a blessing.

  • Such a lovely poem, and exactly how I feel. best wishes, Cazx

  • Thank you Cazbaz.

  • Grandchildren truly are a blessing. Where would we be without them? Mine keep me on my toes and I try always to be at my best when I see them. Your poem expresses exactly how I feel. I often think it was worth having my children just to have my grandchildren!! Only joking.

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