Disability Hearing

Just wanted to let all of you know that I had my disability hearing this morning and was approved within just a few minutes of talking with the judge. Not sure it has sunk in yet, but now I will have the SSI portion coming in and will have my state's version of medicaid, TN Care. I can now keep my house atleast until my daughter finishes high school!

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  • Oh great, what a relief to you, not sure of all the jargon as different over hear but I couldn't be more pleased, a little less stress for you, take care xxx

  • Thank you!

  • Great news. I'm so happy for you!

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you!

  • That's great. They do not alway understand what effect parkinson's has on the body.

  • I am just glad it is over. I had given them so much information over two appeals. The judge had a couple of questions and granted it. I was in and out in less than 30 min. I tried not to get my hopes up even though my attorney was very positive that it would be approved.

  • hi suzie

    goo that they hav e realsied hjust how difficult it is!

    lol jill


  • Supercalifragelisticexpialidocious

  • Amen!

  • Congratulations I know what a weight lifted that is. We found out I was getting SSD as we picked up the mail on the way to see a bankrupsy lawyer, to try and hold of foreclosure. We didn't know how much we were getting, but just knowing it was coming made us both cry. Again congfatulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It so good to hear that you have good news... it's hard to deal with the PD alone without threats of financial melt down. Now you can focus more on healing.

  • I am so pleased for you. It is always good to hear some good news

    Rest assured you will feel better in your mind

    I wish you all the very best.

  • I am happy for you. That must remove a lot of stress for you and you can take better care of yourself now.

  • how long ago did you file? I just filed in April and had my mental evaluation last week. So happy for you. Praying mine goes thru quickly.

  • This is the procedure I went through. First saw and attorney in Feb. 2011. She told me I would get atleast 2 denials, so go ahead and file and then come back to her after the second denial.

    I filed, got the two bogus denials, met back with her about 6 months ago. They got me on the docket as quickly as posssible since the bank was ready to start foreclosure procedings. The court in my area is backed up 10-12 months, so thought we did pretty good to get in when we did. My hearing was quick, they had all of the medical documents and those from my employer who let me go due to what I later found out to be PD symptoms and also from the job I tried to work after diagnosis who also let me go due to PD symptoms. Even though they were fully informed when I was hired.

    The case should have been open and shut from the beginning with the work and medical documentation I had, but they just want to draw it out,..,.

  • Thanks to all of you. Yes, it should allow me to keep my house, I am way behind on my mortgage since I could not work, but the bank is working with me. Hopefully some of the stress being taken off of me will help the PD,

  • I had NO doubts you would get it, they get "f" with people now because of the economy. I have had 3 friends here in Fl have the same thing happen, same results as yours. Yeah for you and yours honey. Time to run naked around the neighborhood throwing ice water on yourself!!!!

  • I am so excited for you.. I had my hearing July 5th in Indiana and I wont hear anything for up to Oct 5th, ugggg But whatever the outcome I am excited for others who rightfully deserve it! After having the DBS surgery Oct 11 & 18, I am still waiting, lol SMILE!

  • Thanks again, I spoke with SS last week and should see my first check Sept. 2012. With SSD they pay a lump sum back to the date of the the disability. With SSI, it goes to the filing date, so will not be as much as I had hoped, but will certainly be better than nothing. I waited to file because I really thought I could return to work once I was on medication, oh well, lessons learned....

    Crbee, I certainly hope you get good news, was there a reason they did not approve you on the July 5th hearing? I had so much documentation that I never should have been denied, I think the judge was able to see through it.

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