Dry mouth and bad taste in mouth need solutions

I have PD and dry mouth is an issue. I have tried all the regular stuff. Now it has got so bad that I have a bad taste in my mouth in addition to the dry mouth Does anyone have a solution? I'm trying apple cider vinegar and baking soda

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  • Joy, OraMoist dry mouth patch

    BioteneMoisturizing mouth spray


  • I tried the biotene mouth wash. what is the patch thing and where can I find it? I appreciate the help


  • Dry mouth patch not heard of this one is it available in UK ?? thanks

  • Bad taste may be the least of your problems. I suffered two tooth extractions (#19 & #20 - two of the biggies in the back) and 10 fillings in one year and my dentist (previously a pharmacist) attributes it to dry mouth resulting from the PD meds I'm taking. Strange - I never noticed that in the package inserts!

  • Espo, Oh I agree. I was just at the dentist this past Tuesday I had 4 cavities. My dentist put me on prescription toothpaste about 1 year ago. I could not believe all the damage this is doing to my mouth.

  • I get a very dry mouth especially in the mornings, noticed the past few weeks I have lost the ability to taste, I get slight flavours coming through but nothing more.

    I recently started on Neupro patches.

    Also this sounds silly but an addiction to want to eat Pickled Onions.

    If I was female I would be getting out the pregnancy testing kit.

    But I think I can say without fear of contraception I am not pregnant

  • Yes that is it only a few taste buds seem to be working. I can only taste sweet and salty. Im rinsing my mouth several times a day with teh apple cider vinegar and baking soda and also drinking more water

  • OraMoist dry mouth patch comes from the doctor and/or dentist.

    Hope this helps. Do not know if it is available in the UK. Sorry.


  • Im in the US I may ask the dentist



  • I just ordered the OraMoist from wal mart pharmacy. Should be in tomorrow :-)

  • So sorry that you are having this proble. It is a toughy. I started with the Biotene products including the mouth spray, toothpaste; the mouthwash burns my mouth. I drnk water often and take it with me if I go out.

    I was having my teeth cleaned every 3 mos, but we have cautiously moved it to every 4 mos.

    Hope you get some relief.


  • Thanks guys for all the help

    Have a Blessed Day


  • Does your mouth taste like nasty soap?

    Is there a greyish white film in your mouth: on your tongue, on cheeks, and/or on your gums ?

    If yes, many patients with dry mouth are prone to : candidiasis or oral thrush.

    A prescription Rx may be necessary. If in doubt, consult with your doctor/s.

    Take care.

  • Nouska, No. it was not thrush I checked that out during my research. What I did find out is low B-12. I take B-12 because routine blood work found out my B-12 was low, So I have taken B-12 for many years as this is a problem that is constant for me, I have not been eating right because the PD meds have caused me to not be hungry so I was not eating as usual so I was low on protein. Which dropped my B-12 level. When it gets down that low it causes bad taste in your mouth. I discovered this Wed morning about 3 am. I drove to wal mart and got the 5000 mcg (I think that is the letters ). I have taken 1 a day since then and teh taste in my mouth has got better. During my research I learned a lot about B-12 causes you to have low I think it was white blood cells it may have said red I can't remember now. The thng that made me mad was that I was in the ER 3 weeks ago due to PD and the Dr came in and said which ever it was was high I asked what that ment she said probably nothing to worry about it was probably a fluke with he test. Never did I think any more about it. If I had gone to see a Dr after that then maybe ths would have been discovered. I understand this can permanently damage lots of things with your heart and nervous system and thinking. It has got better at lease,

    Have a Blessed Day

    Joy .

  • i was talking to a nurse practitioner today who told me to help with taste she said take zinc

    Have a Blessed Fay


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