AndyC`s 50th Birthday Party

Hi All :-)

This is just to let everyone know that I will be celebrating my 50th birthday on August 4th

So I`m organising one of our famous online "Parkie Parties" .... here in th UK it will start at 8pm GMT but I`m going to leave the stream open for at least 24 hours so everyone around the world can join in at an appropriate time cos I know some of you are anything from 5 hrs to 12 hrs behind UK time and some of you are 8 or more hours ahead of UK time.

Anyway there will be the usual fun and frolics and I hope as many of you as possible will be able to join me........Now who`s gonna have the first dance? ;-)

See you there! :-)

Andy :-)

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  • Great

    Oil Jill


  • Sorry

    Lol Jill


  • I'll be there!!!! x

  • Can't wait x

  • Hi Andy

    I'll be there!! Looking forward to a good party. Wish I was 50 again!! Hope the new job is going well and that things are getting sorted out. We are going mouse hunting again, so wish us luck and lets hope they have vacated the premises.



  • Hi Sue :-)

    New Job going very well thanks, I`m getting plenty of shifts in with more to come and yes things are getting sorted. I`ll e-mail you.

    Good luck with the mousehunt, take plenty of chocolate for the traps. They`ve probably come indoors seeking shelter cos of all this heavy rain we`ve been having.

    Anyway take care

    Andy x

  • Thanks Andy. Can always rely on you for a positive comment!! I will see red if there is any damage as we cannot get hold of any replacement material, even though the van is almost new. It won't be chocolate they will be getting, be assured of that.


  • The chocolate will lure them onto the traps and then.....SNAP!! and the little ba***rds will be no more!.... Mwahahahahaha :-)

  • Look forward to a bit of fun and frolics. Best remind some of us the day before, I dont know about others but I have a memory like our Colander (full of holes)

  • Party? what party? lmao :-D I`ll put an announcement up a day or two before

  • happy day!!!!

  • Am in Big Man,

  • Can we have a few drinks,, HAhHA

  • Well.......maybe one or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or...............DRINK!!!


  • Yes chocolate or even peanut butter......the rodenticide that pest controllers use has the smell of chocolate too. Mice do not like cheese. :-)

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