Exercise and Parkinson's

Recently we held a series of focus groups and the subject of exercise came up again and again. Keen cyclist and Parkinson's Advocate David Greaves has written the following survey about exercise, and we'd love to find out your experiences. If you had a little time, we would be so grateful if you could complete the following survey.


Many thanks

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  • I eat right, exercise a bunch and do other positive things that people tell me based on the faith that they help. Faith and Hope, two great friends of PWP.

  • Link does not work

  • Link worked for me. Have completed the survey.

  • worked for me too

  • Completed the survey.

  • thanks so much everyone.

  • I try to walk as much as I can and work with weights at home.

  • Completed survey.

  • The link isn't working. Thanks

  • I have been using the recumbent bike at the gym and working with a personal trainer twice a month they have worked well especially the balance practice with the trainer. Most beneficial has been the "aqua therapy". If available to you, I would highly reccommend it.

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