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Ouch. but it was worth it !!!


The weather was so miserable all week, I was so bored sitting indoors scratching around looking for things to do.

I had promised to take my grandson, Jack, to the park during the week but it hasn't stopped raining . I know, I thought. I will take him to 'Whoosh'

'Whoosh' is a soft play centre where there are tunnels, slides, ball ponds. tubes, rope bridges, you get the idea.

So off we went to whoosh. As it was half term, as you can expect, it was absolutely packed. Full of small children getting overexcited, running up and down, climbing, jumping etc.

Jack is just three , a sensitive soul, and was a bit overwhelmed by all the noise and activity. Then came the dreaded sentence " come with me Grandma".

So for the next hour, I was dragged up soft, squashy ladders, I crawled through tunnels, shot down slides into ball ponds. we found a bouncy castle,a squashy see saw and a whole host of other things for an excited three year old to discover. It was wonderful !!!! I got cramp in my feet, needed to be helped out of a tunnell by 4 enthusiastic children !! and I loved every minute!!.

Well, it is now morning and , oh my god. OUCH. every muscle I have (including, I am convinced, some new ones) are hurting. Can barely move but boy was it worth it .

I love being a Grandma x

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I agree. There is nothing in the world that compares with grandchildren. They don't see you as different to anyone else and just expect you to do the impossible. I have even been on our garden trampoline, accompanied by shouts of 'come on Nana you can jump higher than that'. The effort it takes for me to jump is unbelievable combined with my very real fear of falling. But what the hell, I try.

Their encouragement has helped me to stay as active as I am and I thank God for them.

I also have found the "fountain of youth"....Grandchildren. My little Dylan, is

also 3 years old. We enjoy playing hockey, climbing into his clubhouse- high on the gymset, and also go "search" and "fight" Ninjas!

"Grandchildren are the Miracle drug!" :o)

I don't have grandchildren yet, but it has been a pleasure to read your information. Thank you for sharing.


You are a very lucky lady to have Grandchildren I hope they treasure you as much as you love them.

You are very lucky , but I am sure you know that already ..

Envy isn't a good trait to have , but I do have trace of it in this case lol

I do know it, yes. Jack is wonderful and his new brother Isaac is due any day now !!! I can't wait xx

Good for you, Grandma! My BEST times are spent with my grandkids and I'm packing up now to go camping with them next week.:)

Sounds like you had an awesome time and would not trade one single ache or pain for the good time with your grandson. You are very lucky!!!! I can't wait for my daughter and son-in-law to tell me those 4 magic words "We're having a BABY!!!!!!"

PS Congrats on the anticipated arrival of Issac!!!

Thank you, it is such an exciting time for us.

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What a great name!! :-) Isaac is....good luck!

Love your story! :-) Although not a granparent myself, I am old enough to have them ( the big 50 on August 4th ) I started into parenthood late on...I have 3 young kids... Twins Alfie & Alyssa who will be 8 on 21st June and Phoebe who was 5 on Feb 12th.........I see them once a week......They are little bundles of energy and they keep me feeling young....and boy do they tire me out!!! lol :-D A day spent with them and all my stresses, worries and troubles suddenly, magically just disappear into the distance.

Andy :-)

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I have 4 grown up children Andy, three boys and a girl .and loved every moment of them being at home, I am so lucky to be very close to them, We all talk every week without fail and my daughter and i speak every day.

Unfortunately my first marriage didn't survive the pressures of three small children and he left. Boy, did he miss out. They have grown into lovely, caring people. He couldn't be bothered to find that out and lost touch when they were in their teens.I married again and had another beautiful boy. I love them all with a passion!!! and now grandchildren, bliss.

Keep close to your children Andy, never let them down and you will be rewarded over and over again.

AndyC in reply to carolineb211

Thankyou I will :-)

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They sound wonderful, we have two sons not grandchildren as yet but hoping x

Mine are 17 and 25. Miss those days a lot!

Sounds like you had a wonderful day, good for you. The "OUCH" sounds like it was so worth it. :-) :-)


Yes, It was definitely worth it xx

My grandsons live in Berlin, thanks to good old skype.

fantastic, well done you :-)

You made me laugh, I have a very funny mental picture of you being helped out of the tunnel by the four kids, I can totally relate to that, brilliant! My 11 year old has a paintball birthday treat booked that she wants me to go to with her. I'm a bit daunted but reading your post, I think I might give it a go!

Yes, absolutely. you go !!!

Have a wonderful time.

Caroline x

Theres nothing better than (when the weather is bad) watching your kids / grandkids having fun at one of these playcentres, loosing off all that built up energy, laughing, screaming, shouting......crying. running, jumping, skipping....falling, demanding your presence on the "big slide" for a race....they always win of course!!! LOL......or they`re ignoring you because they`re having too much fun with each other or their friends!!

You have a sit down and rest with a well earned cup of tea whilst they act out their wonderfully vivid imaginations........then the peace is broken!...they come rushing over, "can we have a drink?".......rehydrated, they dash off to carry on fighting aliens, dragons, dinosaurs......daleks!!...........Having Fun!! :-)

I had my grand kids visit me a week early to avoid the traaffic. It was wonderful!!!