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This seems to be a little bit of misunderstanding here and confusion between this site and Parkinson's Movement.

Parkinson's Movement is the main website at

This website at Health Unlocked is not Parkinson's Movement. It is a forum run by Parkinson's Movement for the patient community.

The main website of the organisation is the one that I am suggesting that readers might wish to join in order to receive the newsletter and more information about activities of PM and so forth.

If you are only a member of the forum, you are missing out.

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Hi I have been successful in joining but it did take a while, some problem with the code, but I am now on board thanks


"Blog" -- it's called a blog, not a forum, although what it really is is a blog being used as a forum. :-)

At any rate, I am now a member of both the PD fourm/blog and PM itself, which I was very interested to read about. Good work, you three founders!


This site has almost become My Second Home



Sorry, should have engaged brain before starting to type. I believe I did join PM some time ago & thus found this forum. I shall double check & take appropriate action. Thanks for your timely intervention, I really hate to miss out. Angela


Have now joined PM. Thought I had already joined but did not tell me this when I entered details.


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