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I was reading a number of posts on this site and realised that many of them are from carers. Carers are very special people who we couldn't do without. Whether they are partners , relatives or others they often have a rough time coping with us Parkies.

My carer is my husband who is always there for me, although as I have only been diagnosed for 6 years, he tends to stay in the background and let me get on with my life unless I need help.

However, I know from experience that caring is a 24/7 task and it takes a very special person to be able to cope with that. Where would we be without you, our carers, doing so much for us and in many cases having to make many changes in your own lives to be there for us.Thank You.

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  • yes, thank you fred for being there for me ,


    i love you

  • I really could not have expresses it any better. Mine is my husband Benny and he is almost always either with me or near by. He offers help but he will back off when I tell him it is time to let me do something myself. So thank you Bennyfor all you do for me and especially for all you DON'T!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the kind words. It is difficult for we caregivers. Not so much physically but emotionally. We have to guess when you want and don't want help. Our first instinct is to jump in and do it for you or help you do something. When my husband gets frustrated with himself because he can't see it or get the right arm in the right hole or leg in the right side of his pants, I often have to turn the TV up or go to another part of the house just to keep my sanity. To an outsider it might look cruel but I understand the need to maintain your dignity and independence. I think the cruelest blow was my insistence he cut back on driving. His neuropathy and slower reaction time make it dangerous although he doesn't see it that way.He thinks it is the other driver's fault and I am petrified to be a passenger when he does insist on it. So again thanks for the kind words. It will help me get through yet another day.

  • My daughter bolted at the term "caregiver" and I said don't we care for each other in a way. I miss her. I'm seeing the social worker to deal with it. Fortunately I am still pretty independent and have friends. I was at a PD dance last night "Groove and Schmooze" and many were with their caregivers. Some got up and danced with aid of the care giver (if a hired person or spouse) , some caregivers joined in, and some disappeared (needing a break, I'm sure).

  • Thanks Tommy for being here for me. I love you madly and truly appreciate everything you do for me. Hugs and love---I love you more!

    Hugs and love to all the carers! We appreciate all you do.

  • As a caregiver I very much appreciate all the comments you have made in fact it made me cry . Thankyou and as i always have said I would have stepped into my hubbys shoes and taken on the disease if I could, but I know I would not have been so patient and accepting as he is. In truth I would have have a blue tinge surrounding me with all the unaccepable language that would come from me Take care you special people xx

  • My carer is my husband Wade. He is there for me 24/7 and never complains. He continues to romance me, telling me I am beautiful, even though I know that the disease has aged me so much. He accepts me for who I am and I am blessed to have him by my side. I love you so much Wade. You are truly my angel.

  • I don't really need a carer yet but my husband John is always there for me x

  • I'm with Carrigan. She said it perfectly. We have a new resolution, even though it's not New Year. It's New Attitude. We are vacationing the 3rd week of every month, even if I have to work some weekends to get all done. Better to make the memories now, and have them to reminisce about when we can no longer do this. Tomorrow we are camping. Now I am the driver pulling the teardrop to the beach. Let the garden survive without us.

  • Your words are beautiful Sue!! Thank you!! :-) I always try and remind my self when I get over whelmed that my husband has it so much harder than I do and that helps me to hold my tounge and be patient.

    Thank you all for your kind words too!! :-)

  • Lovely thoughts, and I thank my wife (in advance, as I was just recently diagnosed) for the care she has already shown.

    Now to discuss the words: To me "carer" is not a word I would use, even though it is formed by the same rules as "helper" and "lover," it just doesn't sound right. I'm not a big fan of "caregiver" either; it sounds politically correct or something. However it does say exactly what our loving helpers do -- give us care.

  • Love this word much nicer than carer.

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