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Poem of Lies

When I looked up

"Poem of Lies"

In the files,

All I found was

An empty page.

My lies are

Bright and strong

Sending a beacon out

That no one

Is sure to miss

So I wondered

Where did they

All go?

How can one have

An empty page?

It scares me

These lies that

Are missing.

What if someone

Is reading them?

Staring deep into

My soul.

As a child I lied

Quite a bit.

To avoid trouble,

To get something

I wanted

To avoid telling

A truth I felt



I soon learned

That even the

Little lies

Multiply and

Confuse, muddying

The lines, and my

Truths would soon

Be questioned.

You can lose yourself

In the lies.

No longer able

To find the truth

Of who you are,

You become someone

You don't know

the real you

Swallowed up

In the negative


There are millions of

People in the world,

But in the end it

All comes down

To one.

Lies or no lies

When Love enters

Your life

All the lies

become obsolete

And only the truth

Can remain.


8 Replies

SO true and well put


One of your best.


Thank You Larry!


I think you need to write a book of your poetry and have it published! Wonderful!


Oh! Grammy, I have tried! So many people have asked me to publish a book. Have submitted a manuscript to several places. No responses. I'm thinking of printing one myself! I need to check out the costs. I'll be sure to holler from the hilltops if I ever get one published!

Anybody know a publishing house or an agent?


i don't know an agent but agree your poems are wonderful.


Stay online. Eventually we will find you.


Well said, like it!


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