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Big Fat Lie, Nutrition Policy | Nina Teicholz

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Good stuff. Nina's book:

My writings on the subject:

Sugar, Fat And Cardiovascular Disease

A Tale Of Two Studies Leads To A Deeper Understanding Of Cardiovascular Disease

Do eggs make cardiovascular disease better or worse? What is the root cause of cardiovascular disease anyway? Let us find out.

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I’m still watching the final minutes of her presentation. Overall excellent, I did not like her answer to HFCS: My opinion; Sugar at 50/50 is bad enough, we don’t need “high-fructose corn syrup” making it worst. I would like to see on the “nutrition label calories due to fructose” in addition to “total calories”, especially infant formulas.

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MBAnderson in reply to Gcf51

I agree

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thanks for posting this excellent talk. I love science and it is sad when the process of questioning becomes silenced. May we converge slowly on the truth.

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Gymsack in reply to pmmargo

OK, but I am not sure that a policy of the truth and only the truth will keep the worlds economy going. Many products will cease to exist and many factories will stand idle. If you have ever been to a "Natural Food store " with its rows and rows of bottles filled with pills all absolutely necessary for a high quality life , you will know what I mean.

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I am sorry if I am taking an alternate position on everything but I am not so sure that sugars are so terribly bad. The Hummingbird and the Orial at the feeder in my garden seem well enough drinking the sugar water. They know enough to also eat bugs. If you have Diabetes then you should control the intake of all foods but I am not sure that a little extra sugar in our diet is going to cause Diabetes. I keep my weight down by exercise, keep a high intake of fibre that includes fruit . I don't believe that denying myself a chocolate bar or some maple syrup on my pancakes or oatmeal will make me any healthier. My understanding of the digestive system is all of our food in the process of digestion ends up as sugar.I remember every one said eggs were bad and butter was bad for Cholesterol, animal fat was bad , no bacon, no organ meats, we were eating too much corn, We had to cut down on starches, more people were eating Gluten free and the word "Organic" changed definition and came to mean small colorless vegetables and chickens who laid pale eggs and survived on their own without the assistance of medication . Maybe my age is showing but the dietitians were quick to jump onto the various band wagons and soak up the attention and many people started using margarine on their wheat free toast and Saccharin sugar substitute in their coffee and stopped eating a sit down Breakfast replacing it with a nutra-shake and these ideas persist.

I think that it is an ideology leftover from the Puritans or such (in the same category as the monks who sing /chant and smash themselves in the face with a bible), that anything you enjoy must therefore also be bad for you. Just take everything in moderation . You want a glass of beer, a small piece of Liver steak , a piece of chocolate and you are able to afford it, good for you, but dont do it every day .

PS : Our local board of health is bullying all the restaurants into using vegitable oils instead of lard when frying French Fries. I would love to see a scientific study comparing the nutritional value of those tasteless fast food fries compared to the wonderful fries that came in the paper cone and were fried in lard instead of corn oil or coconut oil or whatever it is .

Salt used to be part of a Roman soldiers pay and is now something to be avoided even though it is absolutely essential and the body removes any excess. It is agreed that some heart conditions require salt use be minimized but does "too much" cause any condition or develop into any health problem because people working in the hot sun need more salt than they are taking. Heat stroke can kill.

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CaseyInsights in reply to Gymsack

This rant is wrong and confused 😕 on so many levels, that I don’t know where to start.

But start here: a four minute Cliff Notes on Sugar, Processed Carbohydrates & High Fructose Corn Syrup.

On a personal note, the dietary shift in my household from a high carb low fat to vegetable centered low carb high fat has brought wonderful results

(1) My spouse has lost 40 lbs in two years. And that loss has been in belly fat.

(2) Her blood pressure is stable and in normal limits

(3) Her blood sugar levels as evidenced by her HbA1c has stubbornly remained at pre-diabetic level of 5.6%. Berberine has been added to the supplement list to address this.

At a societal level, living on an island that produced sugar for two centuries, I can see the effects of sugar on health first hand. We are world beaters in diabetes, stroke and hypertension. It is so normal that you can walk in to any drugstore and pickup your diabetic and hypertension drugs without prescription. Obesity and ‘high cholesterol’ are just as common place.

Sugar and refined carbs have cemented metabolic syndrome on the medical landscape. I am hopeful that we as a society will come to our senses as 95% of our Covid-19’s deaths was in someone with an underlying metabolic disorder.

And while this response is less than complete it will have to suffice until our resident dietitian rescuema comes around to dismantle your misconceptions one item at a time. 🌺

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MBAnderson in reply to Gymsack

Sugar is bad. Probably more studies on that than any thing else.

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Thank you for your reply

I await the expert

It will be interesting to know if she/he has over the last 15 years maintained the same position on the subject of cholesterol caused by those terrible destroyers of our health, Eggs and Butter

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CaseyInsights in reply to Gymsack

I understand the official pronouncements on fat has been cholesterol is bad to cholesterol is good.

Saturated fat is bad and vegetable oils are good. Again another official position. Not one I agree with.

On sugar the official position is that sugar is not too much of a problem, except for diabetes and we can control that. Again I question the official wisdom.

So I understand the confusion wrought.

But we need to get pass the fog. And the information that MBA shared on fat is the emerging consensus.

And so too the position I have adopted on sugar.

Forget the official positions. Doctors have already told us that nothing can be done. We need to investigate these pronouncements and ensure that any position taken on food, is one that ensures a better outcome for us.

Times are a changing 🌺

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