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Happy May Day Holiday Monday

Hi everyone! :-)

Hope you all had a great weekend, I had the usual fun with my kids, totally tired me out!! lol :-) but sooo worth it, they even helped me when I offered to mow my mums lawn...bless em! :-)

I`m doing ok, my spirits are still up....PMA...Positive Mental Attitude and trying not to let my situation get me down. I have e-mailed letters to my local newspaper and regional TV station about what happened... so keeping my fingers crossed there. There are plenty of jobs out there and I`m sure I will find one soon.

Once again I have to say a huge THANKYOU to you all for your wonderful words of help and support and encouragement. What a fantastic community we have on here. I was truly humbled by your words.


Andy xx

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Hi Andy

It is b cold here 2day!

And I am so weepy about nothing and everything

But I was born a worrier and the workmen start again 2 morrow after the B Hol break

Will they finish: boiler not been switched on

Bathroom needs toilet bidet and shower Fitting

A) b4 the cleaners come in on Wed hot water needed

B) the unpacking and all my partner,s. furniture comes on Thurs

C) Friday we are supposed 2 be checking out of the pub t spend the 1st night IF the bed can be used

D) a big Saints match on sAt : I am hoping -2 watch it on tv but may have no signal (my partner wll go to the natch )

E) a christening on Sunday and my outfit could b anywhere

And we are short of funds as the money is still "resting in the solicitor,s account"

Father Ted

Lol Jill

I know we all have our problems you especially and I am fortunate compared wth some others BUt I needed to putit in print



It's always nice to vent Jill so vent when you need to. We are here for you. Makes you feel soooooooo much better.


Hi Jill :-)

Thanks for your post.

I can fully understand your worries but try to stay positive I`m sure everything will come together in the end....and you will very soon be saying "what on earth was I worrying about?"

We are all here for you.......this awesome, loving, friendly community

If you have skype u can call me on andy.clegg3

Take care :-)

Andy xx


You sound to be in good spirits Andy. That's great!!! Have a wonderful day. :-)


Thankyou and yes I`m not letting things get me down :-)


Hi Andy

I Did have Skype but it is all packed away until Thursday's moving in.

And I am keeping up w emails with my iPad Courtesy of the local technology group for when my speech Is much worse

Lol Jill

My Skype addresses is the same as on this site

Lol jill

I am having a day without crying today ,deffo



Thats good to hear Jill :-) and I`ll look you up on Skype ;-)


Hi Andy. Glad you had a good day with your children. We had a weekend at our caravan and the weather was mixed, but with some sun. Elder grandaughter has now had sick bug, but as children are, she was soon on the mend.

Glad you have a PMA. Where would we be without that? You are a lynch pin on this site as the replies to your redundancy prove.

Take care



Hi Sue :-) can be very resilient to bugs cant they? bless em :-)

Everyone on here has been so wonderful and positive about my redundancy.......It humbled me I can tell you.....

Hopefully my predicament is going to get some media coverage....hopefully on BBC Look North and BBC Radio Sheffield....fingers crossed....Oh and I e-mailed ACAS, Parkinsons UK and the Equality & Human Rights fingers crossed

I will keep everyone posted on what happens

Andy xx


Hi Andy.

If you get any details of when this may be on, please let me know. It should be aired in the media. People with Parkinsons are the forgotten people, at least that is my view. Sure you will get a positive response and make people think about people with Parkinsons. Good luck.




I Sure will as you should be able to hear / see it on the internet :-)


Hi Andy. A late comment on your blog. I like your PMA. I think our mood helps us better to manage our PD. Another thing that affects me is the light. This weekend has been a good weekend, here in Northern Europe we call this weekend midsummer, then we have the longest day of the year.

So ler us go on with PMA.

Have a nice day. Mr. Day


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