Can anyone share their experience of the apomorphine pump? It's been recommended that I give it a try

I don't know quite how I feel about it - is it cumbersome and intrusive? Are there problems with skin sensitivity? I watched my Dad hooked up to a home dialysis machine for 6 hours 3 times a week and though I can rationally equate that the pump is a lot smaller - I think I might resent being 'battery operated' for 12 hours every single day.

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  • My husband tried the injections first to see if he was suitable for the pump. Initially it was great, but unforunately his Blood Pressure was affected and had to stop. , which is annoying as it really make him feel more active for longer. Hope this helps

  • Jinty I know 2 people using it. You can private message me if you want to followup.

  • I did at first I was happy. Very soon you run out of place's to put the needle .

    If you get a year of happy days you will have done well.


    Good luck . yours EXPORT.

  • Thanks Export - I'm 14 years since diagnosis - I suppose 365 different needle sites takes it's toll. I'm not a fast healer either, but it might defer DBS am I being cynical in thinking that they are just putting off surgery and are budget switching?

  • My experience with apomorphine pump has been generally good. Nearly three years on and still finding places to put needle. Mind you I have places I didnt have three years ago! This question has been asked before and I will try and bring it up for you. I will message you in the next day or two.

  • If you search apomorphine at the top of this page it will bring up some answers which were given to this question in February.

  • Hi I've been on the pump for 18 months now day and night . It's great but has some draw backs like anything some people it suits but not others .

    I have 2 pumps day and night,so its 2 needle sites I have to find .

    Yes your stomach does get sore but before that I was injecting myself 10 times a day . I hope you like the colour green because it stains every thing .

    I would say try it ,takes a bit of time but worth it . If you have any questions I will gladly answer if I can .

  • My mom use the pump for about 1 year, she hated it, due to the green splashes on the carpet and the lumpy rash on her stomach, plus having nowhere to contain the pump she strapped it round her waist with a belt, not good really as it sometimes fell down and she found it so upsetting she finished the treatment and went back onto tablets, approx 1 year on, we are now looking at going back onto the pump simply because the tablets are not working well, mobility has gone and she is so upset again. So she now has to make the decision on what she would really like, mobility and uncomfortable pump or no mobility and tons of tablets. Watch this space!

  • Thanks to everyone for their responses - it's been very positive and supportive - I know I will give the pump a 'go' - I was just having collywobbles. I watched my Dad hooked up to a kidney dialysis machine for 7 hours 3 times a week for 6 years before he died and whilst completely the pump is vastly different I think I had a psychological 'thing' about being reliant on a machine. I've been on sinemet almost continuously for 14 years now - and the side effects are getting worse on a weeky basis. Dyskinesia alone is enough to encourage anyone to try something else.

  • How did it go?


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