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Eye Operations - any problems?

I had a cataract operation on one eye yesterday. It wasn't as traumatic as I feared (I am extremely sensitive when it comes to my eyes) but not exactly a comfortable experience and I was tense throughout.

So, I was lying there as rigid as possible (I thought) when the surgeon said "try not to move your feet so much"! I hadn't realised they were moving.

It struck me that with such a delicate op it was very important for us PwPs to get the timing of our meds right, especially for those with tremors.

Others must have had a similar op - I wondered if anyone has had any problems with it?

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I had cataract surgery and they had to put me out due to my parkinson's. They tried with just the mild sedation but was not enough. I am surprised they didn't just put you under knowing you have parkinson's. I did really good on the first eye, you will have light sensitivity....wear sun glasses ALL the time!!!

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They wouldn't want to knock me out, I am 76 and have permanent Atrial Fibrillation. Only mild but they wouldn't take the risk of me not coming round. Actually, my condition doesn't give rise to much shaking although adrenaline seems to trigger it.

Thanks for the advice about sunglasses.

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Yes, NEVER EVER go without your sunglasses when you are outside, no matter what the weather is like. I was 46 when I had my eye surgery...and learned the hard I can never go without my sunglasses, I have a pair every where....

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No probs. I had 3 ops on my left eye last year at Moorfields, followed by both cataracts (with a short gap in the middle)

I acually remembered to tell the surgeon that I have PD, and he was able to give me a "time for meds" warning an hour ahead of the op. I must admit to taking one extra Co-coreldopa with that dose.

Good luck

Adrian Williams


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