"The Taste of You"

The taste of you


your kiss still

wet upon

my lips.

Our passionate


as you head

on out the door.

My body tingles.

I close my eyes,

a long sigh


The scent of

your aftershave

hangs in the air.

I inhale deeply

your essence,

while the memory

of you


So in tune we are

to each other,

that I no longer


where I end and

you begin.

Emotions mingle.

I look forward

to the days end,

when once again

our lips


will meet

fueling our desire.

Through the door

you come,

the sun, pushing

you from behind

Your lips brush

sweetly over mine.

I'm tingling again.

Your home now.


Parkinson's has changed my life in many ways, the most important change being my ability to see My Life clearly. All the material things I have accumulated over the years could not and did not fill up my heart and my soul. I had to let go of my fear of rejection, I had to open up my heart again,no matter how badly it scared me,and let Love in! I doing so I found "My Robert". I will fight with every fiber of my being to keep Parkinson's out of my Love life. I have told Robert that no matter what Parkinson's may make me say, that it will never find that love and the tenderness deep within me that I have only for him.

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  • beautiful , as usual JJ i love the way you express your love for Robert - xxxx

  • hi jj

    yes i agree with sharon above

    you express things so welll



  • How lovely thanks

  • Tell it like it is, JJ.

  • Excellent !

  • Exactly right. Be spontaneous be passionate be bold be loved x

  • What I have lost or forgotten comes to me in dreams. Quite vivid. Aftershave! Wow!

  • Keep writing. Excellent!

  • Beautiful.

  • awwww how beautiful!!!!

  • I always love your writing. Beautiful!

  • Beautiful. What a triumph it is for you to keep love first.

  • Thanks Emily! I remind myself every day how happy I am to share my life with Man who still see me through all the pain, confusions and crap that illness brings.

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