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Fear as a cause of PD

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I have been on this forum for three years and have learned a lot from the many members here. I will try to be as brief as possible in my presentation and my opinion on how Parkinson’s came into my life.

As we all know that we are all different and that we have developed this disorder in different ways. Many of you may not agree with my opinion and how Parkinson's developed. But that is the case with me. I am a 42-year-old man, I was diagnosed at the age of 38, from my point of view, Parkinson's started at the age of 21, only it took him almost 20 years to mutate or develop ( leaky gut - oxidative stress), etc. ..!

I have been working on myself for four years, I have analyzed back 30 years how he came into my life. A lot of that contributed to his development. Lifestyle, environment, (Epigenetics) stress, business environment, etc.

For four years I was without pills I tried in many ways to stop the progression and I failed! Janice Hadlock Method, Joe Dispaneza Meditations, Prayer, Louise Hay, Bruce Lipton, various book posts, etc. With occasional fasting, I managed to get rid of the frozen shoulder and rigidity in my head. Learning over time about neuroscience, and other areas of science, I realized that the cause of everything is unnecessary fear in me, from which I ran away for a long time, through society, drinking, etc ...

All people run away from that fear in some way. Someone, through religion, someone through drinks, society like me, sports, food, drugs, etc. I learned that there are two emotions in our universe Love and fear, love is acceptance, fear is non-acceptance. It is very difficult to explain it briefly. We know very well how complex this condition is. That's why they haven't been able to find a cure for a long time.

To please others I forgot about myself and hurt myself, but I do not want to blame anyone for it yet it is my choice to live like this for a while. Since the beginning of this journey, I have learned for these 4 years more than for my whole life I am 42 years old. In the first place I learned about myself, God, people in general I was spiritually empty.

What I do know is that my main cause is fear. Fear is the definition for stress, vagus nerve, adrenal gland work, etc. Why? Because it creates an imbalance in us.

There are three types of stress chemically,(Toxins) emotionally,(Fear) and physically (Trauma) I have experienced all three.

What would your life be like if every decision you made came not only from your brain but also from your heart? By consciously creating a connection between our heart and brain, we can influence the chemistry of our body, and thus our health.

We are now in a situation to use chemistry because our body does not get enough natural chemistry that comes from that broken brain to function. But there is always hope to recover even though we take pills.

The heart is 5000 times stronger than the brain. True coherence of the brain and heart needs to be established. Emotions come from the limbic part of the brain and when we suffer emotionally then we harm the heart.

It’s really hard to describe this condition briefly but I wanted to share a short part of my story and I believe there are people like me.

It's time to listen to my heart and not my selfish mind. That's the point.

I hope someone found themselves in my ( little) part of the story.

Life has two rules.

The first rule never to give up!

The second rule always remembers the first rule.

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Thank you for sharing your experience! It is certainly my experience that fear and stress make symptoms worse and abiding in love makes symptoms better.

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delboy381 in reply to park_bear

Thanks for the comment. Love is all we need for our body to produce the chemistry of life. These are all human beliefs that we build through life. Attitudes are short-lived and beliefs are longer, the more we cling to a belief the longer it is present.

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Resano in reply to park_bear

The opposite of love is fear, not hatred... Demonstration by Jan Frazier. In her book titled "When Fear Falls Away", the author gives an account of her awakening [which incidentally happened during an intense fear episode related to a cancer screening test]. I was so impressed by the following description:

"I’ve heard for a long time that the opposite of love is fear, and now I begin to understand why that is so, because of what I feel rushing into me, as space is being freed up. Love so big it cracks me, floods all my warm places, and all the cool, hard places, made stiff and sterile by fear all my life."

that I had planned to offer it to the PwP mentioned in this column, namely Fred Phillips. So here it is for you, Delboy, and all of you who understood that the very ultimate cause (or, its main trigger together with environment, nutrition and genetics) of this nice disease is Fear.


There is a guy with PD who has a blog and his main thoughts about PD seem to center around the idea of fear as the cause of PD and he has been testing that premise for years. I can't remember his name, but I remember asking him to join the forum a couple of years back, but he basically declined.

At the time that I asked him and after I had read his full blog on the history of his tests of different theories he had used to try to reverse the disease process, I felt that even if he was right, his best efforts had failed to improve his situation.

I consider myself to be pragmatic and so after so many failures, I would consider looking in other directions for what role fear actually plays in PD. Right now, I am reading about Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT). I think it is possible that gut dysbiosis can manifest as fear or many other mental states including anxiety and depression which are all common in PwP.

I think, if I was in the same line of thinking as the blog writer I am speaking of, I would give at least moderate consideration to the idea that it could be that gut dysbiosis is the "cause" of the "fear and PD" and that the fear aspect is merely a symptom of gut dysbiosis that came well before the PD diagnosis, as many have reported symptoms many years prior to actually being diagnosed with PD and then after the fact realized that those symptoms were likely PD in its very early stages.

It is only a theory, but it seems to me that almost every remedy he has tried was a theory on his part anyway, so what is wrong with giving one more theory some consideration as was done in the 2020 and 2021 FMT/PwP studies which had significant positive results and symptom benefits in PwP? If FMT improves the PD symptoms as well as the feeling of fear, then he will know that the fear is actually a symptom of gut dysbiosis and if FMT does not improve the fear aspect, but does improve the PD symptoms, then he will have an inkling that fear may not be the cause of PD in him. It isn't quite available yet, but could be in the not too distant future.

Other forum members may remember this blog writers name, but it escapes me at the moment.

Although the following is only a mouse study, it kind of gives an idea of what I am trying to say :



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skinnibean in reply to chartist

Is it Robert Keene ? or Fred Phillips ?

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chartist in reply to skinnibean

Yes, Fred Phillips is the blog writer about fear and PD, thank you skinnibean!

He followed that path for a long time, but ultimately, I think he started on levodopa.


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jeeves19 in reply to chartist

The stuff that Fred Phillips believes in is bizarre frankly. Reading his blog generally puts me in a bad mood 😂. He has guts and persistence, but seems to have achieved little despite his airy fairy approach. Btw Delboy, if supplant Fear for Stress.

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chartist in reply to jeeves19

Yes, some agree with his theory and approach and some do not. I remember reading his blog and based on the way he was writing, I kept having a feeling that things were about to turnaround for the better, but that never really seemed to happen until he got on C/L.


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delboy381 in reply to chartist

I forgot to ask you Art what do you think Focus Ultrasound works? Isn't it logical that they change these neural pathways through sounds, in fact, our thinking? Is it possible for us to change that in a way by changing beliefs, thinking habits to stimulate dopamine production? They don't mention Alpha-synuclein ..?

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chartist in reply to delboy381


My limited understanding of FUS is that they are irreversibly destroying a very small area of the brain, but I am not sure as I have not really read much about it. If that is correct, then I am doubtful that just thinking about it could do the exact same thing.

As far as changing your own beliefs to achieve a "similar effect", I can only guess. That type of profound change in beliefs may be easier said than done. I think of hypnosis as a powerful tool that can potentially make changes in your beliefs or way of looking at things and I don't think it can even do what you are describing, at least not on a long term basis because if it could, hypnotists would be in even higher demand than neurologists and levodopa, which seems like it might be more like mind over matter. In any case I don't know enough about this topic to even discuss it.


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delboy381 in reply to chartist

Thank you, Art.

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Resano in reply to chartist

Cats and mice. I may recall that a lab experiment showed that mice whose amygdala (not the vagus nerve, as MarionP wanted to do most recently) was severed, did not fear cats anymore.

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delboy381 in reply to chartist

Thanks for the comment Art. I know about Fred, I agree with him a lot, but there are things that I do not agree with his theories. Everyone speaks for himself, as I emphasized at the beginning, we are all different, and so is the way we developed this unhealthiness.

My opinion is that (unnecessary) fear also creates anxiety, stress, etc. In fact, living in a sympathetic mode. After a long life, we develop a disorder. This is not the case for everyone, especially everyone who should consider for themselves.

As Eckhart Tolle says let us be our own alchemists of life.

What you are describing sounds like life for billions of people. A tiny percentage develop PD, and a tinier percentage are dx at 38.

Whilst i see your post as possibly more philosophical than scientific: have you had a genetic test to see if you have a mutation that would predispose you to PD?

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GioCas in reply to kevowpd


And what test did you do for your PD? What results?

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delboy381 in reply to kevowpd

As far as I know, pd is not a genetic disorder, and that there is very little chance for some predispositions to inherit a gene. As far as science is concerned, we have all become a bit of a scientist. What is science if not research, studies? We only lack the lab and mice. In the beginning, I said that it is difficult to explain this condition because it is too deep. All the best to you.

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kevowpd in reply to delboy381

"As far as I know, pd is not a genetic disorder, and that there is very little chance for some predispositions to inherit a gene. "

You might want to re-look at that.

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delboy381 in reply to kevowpd

Thank you, I'll look.

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SilentEchoes in reply to kevowpd

The genes are not Mendelian - they are risk factors. Having the identified genes does not mean you will get Parkinson's, you are at higher risk of developing PD, this means your risk is modifiable.

I have ALS, my mother had PD. I had both whole exome and whole genome diagnostic sequencing and do not carry any ALS related genetic risk factors. Genetic screening for PD revealed a mutation for ATP13A2 (PARK9). More research has come out on this gene, but my earlier research revealed that hypoxia is a trigger for activation of this gene and this certainly applies to me. My brain SPECT showed a patchy diffuse toxic/hypoxic encephalopathic process. I had smell and taste testing in the lab of the famous Richard Doty, PhD, it revealed central limbic dysfunction, further supported by recent qEEG testing that also documented what I know is occurring and that is cognitive impairment and Semantic dementia - this crushes my soul.

I was poisoned by ag chemical spray drift from our neighbor(Roundup) when I inhaled it and if you believe the opinion of a certain member here who goes by SharonCryn - I'm f*cked. You better believe I have PTSD, we moved at great financial cost because I no longer felt safe and fear for the safety of my children. It's true what they say - ignorance is bliss. Sadly, there is no safe place but there are places that are less of a risk.

For the record, I don't believe in ALS, or PD or AD, or any of the other non-genetic neurological disorders, they are variants of the same thing, traumatic brain injury. They are different flavors of icecream - variations based upon environmental influences on our individual genetic code. No one experiences PD the same way, ditto for ALS and Alzheimers. One person can have all three at the same time, like the residents of Guam and other Pacific islanders. The official story is that it was caused by eating bats that fed on Cycad trees. The seeds contain naturally occurring cyanide. I call bullsh!t, the island of Guam was a staging ground for chemical warfare during Vietnam. The herbicides and insecticides (Roundup, Agent Orange, DDT) developed by Monsanto are synthetic (stabilized) forms of cyanide, they all uncouple oxidative phosphorylation - this is how ATP is made. ATP is the universal energy currency across all domains of life. You can survive minutes without oxygen but only seconds without ATP. Research is beginning to scrutinize chronic low doses of these poisons and their longterm effects. I believe the difference between developing PD vs ALS and dementia is dose. I am the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

We need to start talking about the epidemic of neurological injuries in developed countries and emerging economies where people are marginalized.

Sorry to tell you this Kevowpd, but you are grossly misinformed.


ps, I'm having a good day and my mind is working better than usual 🙃

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kevowpd in reply to SilentEchoes

I'm not grossly informed at all. Its perfectly factual that if you are dx with PD at 38, a genetic mutation is more likely a significant contributor than having experienced a bunch of trauma or fear. Having a genetic mutation for PD is a much higher predictor of YOPD than experiencing fear or trauma in your life to date. Literally everyone has been through the type of 'fear' described by the OP. Losing your dad at 12 is awful, but if that kind of trauma or fear was really 'causing' PD, there'd be an awful lot more PD around.

I dont agree with much of the rest of what you write either, but i am sorry you are going through what you are going through.

I do believe that pesticide exposure is bad news, and physical brain trauma (consistent sub concussive hits like one might go through playing rugby or american football) are the same, and these things may be risk factors for multiple brain diseases.

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SilentEchoes in reply to kevowpd

What do believe is the cause of your PD?

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delboy381 in reply to kevowpd

I said in my post that the loss of my father was my first childhood trauma and that it all started from there. I would not write about other traumas in my life now it would take time. One thing I do know is that the unhealthiness started to develop from that moment on.

Losing a parent at a young age is a huge trauma, look into psychologist or therapist who can do brain mapping (qEEG) and neurofeedback (brain training). I'll let you know how the ketamine trip goes - I'm not one to experiment with drugs 🙃

PS: I was asking Kevowpd what they thought caused their PD - no answer.

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kevowpd in reply to SilentEchoes

I didnt answer your question becuase i formed the view that no one was going to have their minds changed about anything. You seem particularly confident in your positions (which i get, btw: as an MND patient im sure youve spent plenty of time reading) so it didnt seem like there was any point.

I dont have a view about the cause of my PD. The etiology waters are so murky, and the onset of the disease process so removed from dx (10 to 20 years, perhaps), i doubt anyone other than the 'frozen addicts' can he certain about the true 'cause' of their PD. Id say mine is the slow accumulation of environmental factors in conjunction with unhelpful genetics. Beyond that i have no clue.

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SilentEchoes in reply to kevowpd

Genetics load the gun, environment pulls the trigger. I don't think we disagree.


I believe that fear contributed to PD in my case. During the entire year 2015 I was taking care of a very sick family member who was undergoing extreme suffering and being a 24/7 caregiver I became a nervous wreck under daily stress. The very next year I developed tremor and atrial fibrillation which I am sure were result of autonomic nervous system dysregulation. There were some other factors like childhood DDT exposure, Lyme and antibiotics, but I believe that stress was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.

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Resano in reply to faridaro

Yes. There is also the worst thing ever perhaps: something called Unending Trauma by lay people and, in the scientific literature, CTSD (Continuous Traumatic Stress Disorder) or CTSD (Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

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faridaro in reply to Resano

Have never heard of CSTD - something new to learn about!

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delboy381 in reply to faridaro

That's how I agree with you. A lot of it comes from childhood. I had childhood trauma my first trauma happened in my 12-year-old loss of my father. That's where it all started.

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faridaro in reply to delboy381

Sorry to hear about the loss of your father at such a tender age. My mother was 13 when she lost her mother due to a medical error and even through adulthood my mother suffered that loss so much that while growing up I always had fear of loosing my mother as well.

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delboy381 in reply to faridaro

Especially leave a scar on emotional people. Thank you.

Not sure what you are saying. I was visiting a website by a Gregg Braden I read his book the GOD CODE. There was a article explaining connection between heart and brain and stated science has found that the heart has the ability to work like the brain in a limited way. This could mean decisions can be made by the heart. Thus Follow your Heart.

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delboy381 in reply to Routine100

That's right. Science is breaking down these old beliefs about man and his possibilities.By aligning the heart and brain to work together, you can hone your abilities to have outstanding opportunities for deep intuition, on-demand self-healing, a strong immune system, superheroes, and the opportunity to activate anti-aging hormones that already exist in your body. All we need to do is believe we are capable.

I have always tried to help others, and even be them, and not myself. In the latter years of my life have become aware of myself, Your comments have reassured me. Thank you. and do not fear what others might think of me, and I quite like myself

Thank you for agreeing with me. I know I'm not the only one.

To talk about our fears, what exactly makes us stressful. perhaps we all might have the same fears? What can we do about it? Do we need professional help? From what I am reading people are carrying out their own research. Is there anywhere we can have this research confirmed? These are the topics maybe we should talk about?

Fear does not exist in the way we resonate it. We have created it through life unnecessarily. I speak on my own behalf that this fear contributed to the development of PD. Now is the time to let go because we are holding back everything. The work of the nervous system, the work of the heart, it affects the immune system, etc. In addition to physical exercises that are important for our flexibility, mental exercises and affirmations are much more important.Fear is just a feeling, let it go, don't hold it back. Breathing exercises also help a lot.


It certainly feels that way ..

I had terrible anxiety and fear for fifteen years before my diagnosis. Was this the cause of my PD or was it an early symptom?!

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Resano in reply to Dap1948

No doubt and you are no exception.

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delboy381 in reply to Dap1948

So do I. Possibly, but really many factors are still present in the development of this unhealthiness I think that unnecessary fear is responsible for the imbalance. What I have been doing these 4 years is to change those beliefs about him and his presence. Where does anxiety come from?All this needs to be arranged in another way. The Eckhart Tolle book The Power of the Present Moment has opened my eyes I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it already.

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Dap1948 in reply to delboy381

Twelve years after diagnosis and with a small amount of L-dopa and B1 and my anxiety and fear are no longer issues. I’m saying I’m in a better state now than before I was diagnosed and for that I’m continually grateful.

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delboy381 in reply to Dap1948

I'm glad to hear that. Just relaxed there is no more room for fear. Have a nice day or evening.

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Marimar70 in reply to Dap1948

That is wonderful for one to get this type of relief. Hope my mother can. 😀

Thanks for your open and honest considerations, I have the same suspicion of the major importance of the mental / emotional contribution of the development of Parkinson’s, the relation with trauma is to evident. Some years ago I had a trauma targeting session in which I cried deeply for more than half an hour that improved my symptoms dramatically for a long period.

The pause mode theory of Janice Hadlock, also trauma related, has elements that should in my opinion be researched more deeply, the evidence that trauma can cause illness rises. Did someone already try to address Parkinson’s with upcoming trauma addressing methods like Exiting our Traumabiography by Franz Ruppert? My believe is that it is essential to find methods that generate the deep releasing epiphanies Janice Hadlock refers to in her book Recovery from Parkinson’s.

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delboy381 in reply to Jannl

You're welcome. I agree with you. I honestly haven't heard of Franz Rupert? I'll take a look.

Dr Hadlock's book is actually all about fear so you were right to cite her.

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delboy381 in reply to Resano

I didn't quote her, I found myself in it, that's the reality. I'm not asking everyone to agree with me, that's my life.

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Resano in reply to delboy381

I just noticed that you cited her name side by side with others such as Dispenza. Sorry for misunderstanding you.

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delboy381 in reply to Resano

I am partial but I emphasize the quote.

Bonjour, 100% d’accord

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delboy381 in reply to charaf

Merci beaucoup

I actually completely agree with this, anxiety and fear make my symptoms rage and chews up dopamine hella fast, on the other hand no anxiety and fully comfortable in my surroundings I can nearly go a full day without any meds.

My Parkinsons was caused by excessive extreme stress from 13 years old, stress is pretty much my only trigger

I've learnt to stop my tremors at rest thru breathing techniques and sitting comfortable, and a few minor nervous system tricks....however add fear, anxiety and stress and that horse bolts, I'm almost at the point of thinking my version of PD is not because of dopamine cell death but rather a really stressed central nervous system, but that's a whole different thought for discussion.

Awesome post

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delboy381 in reply to AaronS

Thank you, Aron. I do the same thing about self-control breathing stress regulation. As Dr. Dispaneza only 10% of things happen to us in life 90% because of the reaction to it. Same choices the same behaviors, the same behaviors, the same experiences, the same experiences the same emotions, the same emotions the same thoughts, so we don't change our biology if we stay the same.

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park_bear in reply to delboy381

My favorite Joe Dispenza book

Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself


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delboy381 in reply to park_bear

Me too...I have his books.

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Resano in reply to AaronS

Research on the source of tremor relates it to dopamine depletion. Notwithstanding: "Paralimbic/associative areas are in close vicinity to the mentioned motor areas, and the cingulate motor maps represent a place where the motor and psycho-emotional systems come together. This underlies the normal psychomotor continuum (no movement without a concept or emotion at its source) and explains the activation/maintenance of motor symptoms, particularly axial akinetic manifestations, by overactivities set in the psycho-emotional network." (Dr Jeanmonod)

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AaronS in reply to Resano

I was waiting for someone to quote something about someone who speaks with authority about a disease they don't have:

1) if its a dopamine lack, relaxation will not abate any tremor

2) if I sit down and my wife stands behind me and lifts my head almost as if she is lifting the head off my body but enough to take the load of my body and by extension my CNS the tremor stops completely

3) let's say I go for a bike ride for 40 minutes at a consistent yet maintained pace it gets easier and symptoms are much less overall, some will say its because dopamine is produced however if my research is correct epinephrine is the precursor to dopamine and this is certainly not a time when adrenalin/epinephrine is produced, that's for sure.

4)i generally don't take my first doses of madopar generally in the first 3-4 hours after waking

5)im now starting to trial days where I'm pushing meds up until night time as my first dose,

6) if I get say a massage I stop shaking and fall asleep, everytime.

7)try having a cold shower it calms your CNS and my symptoms reduce once I have returned to my optimal body temperature

8)try having a hot bath it calms your CNS and my tremor stops

If its a chemical deficiency then it doesn't matter weather your up or down, sitting or standing, in water or on land your still going to feel the affects of said chemical lack

Back to my original point stress or anxiety will stuff any of this up, except for point 2, that can be done anytime. My fight or flight response is completely, broken this i believe

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Resano in reply to AaronS

Thank you. It did not imply that the tremoring is exclusively due to that neurotransmitter depletion. This was the meaning of the "notwithstanding" and the important quotation that followed. Basically, Dr Jeanmonod, who is not a PwP (Physician with Parkinson's) as you point out, tells us (and this is his merit because this is quite rare) however that we must not forget the interactions between what he terms the "mental areas" and the motor areas and also the striatum and thalamus.

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Resano in reply to Resano

Another tremor-suppressing technique by a PwP (Psychiatrist with Parkinson's): "Make your Tremor Behave"youtu.be/cIxCzag35zc

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Resano in reply to Resano

Another tremor-suppressing technique by a PwP (Physicst with Parkinson's): "I slowly opened and closed my unsettled hand in synchrony with my shallow breathing. The tremor in my right hand gradually slowed as my meditation deepened and my awareness widened. The movements of my body associated with Parkinson's became smaller and ultimately stopped. The jitters that accompany me during the day had finally ceased"


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delboy381 in reply to Resano


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delboy381 in reply to Resano

I followed him Mr. Hageseth.

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rescuema in reply to AaronS

Fascinating on #2 - do you think it's because of the relaxation and comfort offered by your wife somewhat similar to #6? Have you explored the option to try a cervical neck traction device (such as below) to see if you could replicate the tremor relief?


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Resano in reply to rescuema

Lifting the head off the body seems congruent with a famous theory as it woul allow for more light (energy) to enter into the body at the Medulla Oblongata and correct the thalamo-cortical dysrhythmia.

"So long as the energy coiled in the sacrum is banging back and forth due to not enough energy with no way to move either up or down, you aren’t going to make any progress in controlling this energy or getting it to flow towards the head. You are controlling this energy, but in a negative way based on pretending that you are always on the verge of death: fighting both death and life, not allowing either. You are controlling this energy by pretending that the inflow of energy is minimized at the base of the neck" (Dr Hadlock)

"Over time, or in some cases instantly, when the internal tremor – the one that originates in the sacrum - is stilled, the agitation that drives the external (obvious) remor will start calming down."

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delboy381 in reply to Resano

I see that you are familiar with the Dr. Hadlock study. How much do you agree with her theories?

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Resano in reply to delboy381

I'm afraid I'm not the only one. There are crowds of people who are famimiar with the writings of this dangerous "paradigm shifting" woman who also said: It is never "too late" to recover...

I only hope she proves "wrong" regarding the effect of medications and that Brain-Heart coherence, as you would say, will beat it when we wean off of them. After all, there are already once on-meds living counter-examples such as Bianca Molle, John Pepper and many others.

"When a person is ready to live again, as opposed to being safe, he just needs to build upa head of emotional steam in his heart and give his heart free rein. The heart will automatically know what to do. Using the unpremeditated, spontaneous, joyous language of theheart, the wayward brain will be issued the commands that will bring it to heel.

The heart already knows what these commands are. The brain has already been instructed, from the beginning of the dissociation, to not know. The heart, ever-patient, ever loving, has politely played along. The heart was never diminished in any way by the mind’ shenanigans or dissociation commands. The heart, or maybe I should say the Love that keeps the atoms of the body in place and which is most feel-able in the vicinity of the heart, is still right there, ready to act – if and when called upon. It can wait, patiently, for an eternity. It isn never“too late” to recover."

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Resano in reply to Resano

Therefore, I agree with her to a large extent and particularly with the following statement also relevant to the discussion you opened with your post:

"I am certain that, in the centuries to come, we will begin to recognize that all illnesses have some mental component. And the self-protective mental attitudes that we create to keep ourselves “safe” are some of the most difficult to overcome. After all, they often include the concept that removal of the protective attitude will cause pain, or even death."

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delboy381 in reply to Resano

One thing I don’t like about her studies is that she says whoever used the medication doesn’t want to work with it.

How does this recovery explain ...?


Looks like the link doesn't work here is the title

Keto Diet & Parkinson's Disease with William Curtis

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Resano in reply to delboy381

I tend to think that our friend would agree, however, that God (I believe I have seen Him/Her mentioned among the many comments) stands above the chemistry of PD medications and their ugly side-effects and can easily change a cis-molecule to a trans-one anytime He/She wants.

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delboy381 in reply to Resano

Exactly! That's exactly what I've been working on for 4 years. Gregg Braden points to neurons (sensory neurites) in our hearts, 40K of them.

The better we know ourselves, the less we fear ourselves.

Gregg Braden

Thanks for your reply


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Resano in reply to delboy381

Fascinating, indeed. First of all, I learnt there that it takes up to 72 hours for Neuroplasticity to be registered.

Concerning Heart transplants, I once watched a Chinese movie in which a woman could not accept to marry a man she fell in love with because she was eventually informed that he had been transplanted her former lover's heart who had died in an accident...

As for the little girl who inherited the memory of the dead one, this is no surprise for those who follow the oriental wisdom:

"It [dying] needn't be so [painful and ugly]. It may be beautiful and peaceful. Once you know that death happens to the body and not to you, you just watch your body falling off like a discarded garment. Once you know that the body alone dies and not the continuity of memory and the sense of "I am" reflected in it, you are afraid no longer." (Nisargadatta)

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gginto in reply to AaronS

Agreed! Stress seems to be the root of a lot of symptoms- If only I knew Then what i know now about how to deal with stress , I really believe I could have avoided this pd! I had lots of stress/upset all my life starting from age 2 when my mother left... I bet if we looked at people on this pd site there are others who have lived with stress/acute stress throughout their lives! Just sayin'...

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Did you do a dat scan?

Why don't we discuss it?

About what Chris? I responded to your previous post.

I real an article about "cling to life" and chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system. Anxiety and depression come with neurodegeneration and injury to the limbic system. There are different kinds of stress, environmental from chemical exposures, lifestyle from nutrition and exercise, and emotional from trauma, which induces oxidative stress and produces reactive oxygen species that can manifest as cancer or neurological disease, sometimes both. The cling to life theory resonates with me and is explained as an event(s) that occur in our life that we can't shake off - what others describe as accumulating over a lifetime and the way we approach and deal with traumatic events. There are many causes of PTSD. There are a handful of documented cases of recovery from ALS, a close cousin to PD and AD, and their common denominator was healing trauma - stopping chronic brain inflammation. I just had my qEEG and the next step is to undergo ketamine therapy and neurofeedback to retrain my brain along with supportive nutrition and supplentation along with oxygen therapy. Folks, neurodegeneration is an injury not a disease and we need a paradigm shift in how we view this from a defect of self to stress and trauma induced injury to self and then we can begin to heal.


I like your post. We are doctors to ourselves and God has given us this ability to heal ourselves, just as Chinese medicine advocates treating the cause. And we are the cause.

Keep update us about ketamine therapy. I don't know anything about it. I will read about that.

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Every cell can 'feel" the fear: Dr Naviaux (Cell Danger Response):.


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"But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt" (Gn 19:26). Fear, Awe. Shock, Trauma, Paralysis. ... Could we possibly rename PD the disease of Lot's thunderstruck wife?

So true. Thank you very much for sharing!

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You're welcome, all the best.

Interesting discussion and something I’ve been thinking about lately— the roots of my PD. In my case I equate fear with anxiety and stress with chronic lack of confidence. I practice TM daily and in addition to silently repeating my mantra, I visualize my deep brain producing dopamine and silently repeat, “makin’ dopamine.” Sounds silly but I always feel better.

Yes. I think you are on to something. Speaking from my own experience, I was a timid or "shy" child that developed into a jumpy or "high strung" adult. Certainly I have had my share of difficult times as have most people. I feel that stress, fear, anxiety, anger can be contributors to PD.

You elequently articulated what I’ve often thought. Thank you

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You're welcome. All the best.

I agree this could certainly be the cause of my PD. I saw a movie recently and at one point one of the characters says to a depressed friend “you are the problem and the solution.” that phrase resonated with me but figuring out how best to tackle it is a challenge .

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I sincerely believe that we are capable of healing ourselves.

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One thing I’ve read that others may relate to. One dr. Said many of his PD patients have what he referred to as “racing mind” where your mind is often on overdrive constantly thinking about a problem or how to solve it. I definitely could relate to that. He said it eats up a lot of dopamine. Maybe it’s part of the reason mediation or prayer can help because we are focused and slowing down our minds.

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Exactly. I think it has the same name monkey mind because it jumps from branch to branch and these are our thoughts and thinking. As Dr. Dispenza writes that he tamed a horse so that he would not look from the side while riding it, I don't know if you are familiar with that. That's how we tame the mind.

“Stop thinking, and end your problems.

Lao Tzu

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No I heard of Dr Dispenza and have heard a couple videos but that’s all. I thought it interesting that he was a former monk, correct me if I’m wrong, so I’m sure he knew all about meditating. Also I’ve probably personally heard of less than 10 people since I’ve been on this forum, not forum members just cases they referred to of people who were healed of PD, one was a man who had PD and had been a monk and began meditating (which can be a form of Prayer) again after like 10 years with PD and the doctors could find no other reason than the fact he had once again taken up meditation. I personally have tried meditating and need to be more committed because from everything I’ve read it takes time and practice and if you have “monkey mind” as you mention like I do it probably takes more of each.

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He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has his own clinic in Olympia, Washington state. He also has a postgraduate education that includes neuroscience, cell biology, etc ...

I'll put one text to you, it's a bit long, but it's worth reading for the reason that you can see why it's hard to make a change in us in our mind - the brain.

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Yes please do I’d like to read it!

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Your mind or intelligence ...

I wonder and I ask you who are reading this if there is a mind and where it is if it exists. Are there any thoughts in your brain? As far as I know, science has not yet found thought in any brain. The mind is mostly a term that refers to the total experience, knowledge, emotions, identity, memories of a person, but the question still remains where it is. When you understand something, you turn off thinking about that topic, so you know that until you change your opinion about it.

There is a concept of mind, a concept of ego and they serve to interpret how knowledge, personal identities, knowledge, emotions are created. These are just interpretations that serve to deal with it, and for some to make money on it, instead of looking at the essence.

What is the essence? To be clear, let's go to the beginning, and the beginning is -

Source Absolute God and many other names that have the same meaning. The Absolute is the Existence of Bliss and Intelligence.

So the Intelligence of Existence is that or everything is Consciousness.

Everything that exists in Consciousness.

And man exists in Consciousness and Consciousness is in him by the very fact that he exists. Without it, you would have no experience, no thought, no bodily sensation, you would not be aware of thoughts, words, bodies, movements, pain, emotions, time, space, environment. You experience absolutely all experiences in Consciousness both while you are awake and while sleeping and while dreaming and while praying.

How do you think, where do thoughts happen?

Thoughts emerge from Consciousness and happen there, some just run and disappear, and those to which you pay attention last longer or shorter depending on the attention paid to them.

Are they in the brain? Well, science would have already found someone if they were there. As I wrote, thoughts are in Consciousness and you are aware of them.

So what happens in the brain then? The brain is the most perfect processor that exists. The brain receives information that the senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch bring from outside. The brain monitors and to some extent (partly because there is a higher intelligence that "takes care" of it) regulates, balances, the functions of organs in the body. In the brain, there are neurons and synapses between individual neurons. Changes that occur in the brain ie created synapses that can both strengthen and decrease and disappear, also cause changes in the body, in the appropriate organs.

You learn everything you learn by repetition, from standing up, falling, and getting up as a child, swimming, driving, crafts to a doctorate. All of these become mechanical actions that you don't think about, you just act. Processes in the body, body sensations, limb movements related to what you learn and feel create synapses in the brain, so what you do, you do without thinking. You can perform multiple actions at the same time.

The emotions that you have, that you have acquired, adopted during your life, have also created synapses in the brain. The emotions you express stronger and more often have created stronger and thicker synapses. Emotions, structure, and intensity change during life, so they change - weaken or strengthen synapses.

The habits you have acquired, smoking, alcohol, gambling, drugs also create synapses in the brain, when you get rid of these habits after a while the synapses disappear but the scars in the brain remain the same as after some diseases.

Synapses create changes in the body, not only in the physical that you can feel, but also in other invisible bodies from the aura onwards, of which you are made.

So what are these synapses for then?

They are there so that you can function, that you perform some actions unconsciously, without thinking about them.

They are there to automatically react to pleasant or unpleasant depending on whether you are aware of that moment - felt Love or fear. Fear is an integral part of every "negative" emotion from courage downwards, pride, anger, desire, fear, sadness, apathy, guilt, and shame.

They are also there to speed up the "defense" of your, or more precisely your false identities, there are more of them - you play different roles in each relationship because they move automatically.

Where are your knowledge, beliefs, concepts, beliefs if they are not in your brain? Where is the memory, the database?

Let me repeat again if someone has forgotten, all thoughts happen in Consciousness, you are aware of them mainly because you can only think one thought at a time.

I part.

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II Part

To repeat Consciousness is the Intelligence of Existence.

Man is an intelligent and conscious being. The level of awareness depends on the level of intelligence. With your acquired and adopted concepts, beliefs, knowledge, emotions, you limit - restrain and narrow your level of consciousness. With my personal assessments of what is pleasant, what is less pleasant or unpleasant, what is Truth and what is not, and all that is always and only based on more or less Love - acceptance, and fear - non-acceptance, ie emotions that guide you through life, you create your own personal truth, read your limited consciousness. That limited consciousness is the level, the degree of your personal intelligence. Intelligence depends on your interests and gifts - the talents you have brought to this world. Your knowledge, concepts, beliefs, beliefs change during your life, so the level of awareness also changes. The level of awareness changes from moment to moment when something is done unconsciously - without thinking about it, and attention is focused on something completely different, worries, desires, problems, thoughts, events in the environment…

Synapses in the brain - crystals, create a limited Consciousness. Why limited? Just because they miss "certain" colors and not the whole spectrum of light, information. During life, the width of the leakage spectrum changes. So both personal truth and the level of awareness = intelligence change. Information = inner formation, instead of Truth = Intelligence of Existence.

Neither Consciousness nor thoughts are personal - yours. There are crystals in you, the brain, and the body that limit Consciousness.

Thoughts that appear from and in Consciousness, and are repeated to you often until you process them "correctly." These thoughts from Consciousness are attracted by crystallized consciousness, crystals in your brain. About 70% of the thoughts you have appeared every day, but when you go on vacation, in nature, when you relax, that percentage drops drastically, until you get back on track.

Creations and ideas do not come while you are busy with thoughts, they appear from Consciousness.

Intuition is just a short interval that you have allowed yourself to accept what comes from Consciousness.

The brain, the processor does not contain thoughts, synapses = crystals are magnets (every matter has magnetic properties because it is made up of vibrations) that attract the data you need, which you try to remember, what you have learned, memories, your past experiences).

There are no computational actions in the brain, as much as two and two is decided by your intelligence. Which thought is true or false is decided by your intelligence. Thought knows nothing and decides. Whether and when you drink coffee or tea is decided mainly by your habits and not by thought.

Just as you thought - earlier, older you created synapses, in the same way, you can get rid of them.

Thoughts can be resistance to existence and perception and perception through crystallized consciousness, but also the strongest force of the forces you possess.

Crystallized - limited consciousness brings suffering, from the struggle for survival, to the struggle in relationships, and beyond and beyond, someone would say "devil's work".

The level of consciousness - intelligence can "wait" for thoughts that "by some miracle, appear by themselves" and it can also choose them, so instead of suffering it can choose Bliss. Each of you is a symphony, a vibration, and what you broadcast you get (it does not count individual wishes but the whole symphony), it surrounds you until you take responsibility, until you get your own answers. The higher level of consciousness of an individual affects others because the lower vibration tends to be equated with the higher, law of movement - energy.

Let me return to the initial question: mind or intelligence. Consciousness is not personal, though is not personal, nor is limited consciousness personal even though it seems so - it allows you to grow and develop, new experiences, but it is not personal because it serves to attract the thoughts you need at that moment, it also serves to interact with the environment because nothing it doesn't happen by chance, even though it seems so, it serves to teach you something, to overcome obstacles and problems that you mostly create yourself. A database that you believe exists somewhere and that you consider personal exists only in Consciousness.

True, the Intelligence of Existence is Consciousness. Awareness is a state and does not contain data. Limited awareness is limited only by resistance to the existence of the reader's unknowable fear through emotions, concepts, belief in one's own mind and knowledge. Limited consciousness limits Intelligence.

I believe that this understanding will arouse resistance in many. Philosophers once existed to interpret existence. Philosophers interpret their own or other people's concepts.

I can't do anything about it, I can leave them to fight and deal with the mind, ego, identities that are "there" while they have time ...

My doctor describes it as enlightenment, some people achieve it while living and others after death. It is the deep understanding that leads to resolution of the conflict with our emotions. The sub anesthetic dose of Ketamine facilitates the process of enlightenment and ultimately the resolution of our trauma so we can stop the inflammation in our brain and begin to heal. I call it self love. Cheers to our collective healing!

As far as I could see therapeutic ketamine is expensive but if it has an effect then it is worth every penny. Btw what your doctor says is true I agree with him.

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"Realize that every mode of perception is subjective, that what is seen or heard, touched or smelt, felt or thought, expected or imagined, is in the mind and not in reality, and you will experience peace and freedom from fear." (Oriental wisdom, Nisargadatta).

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I could never understand it. I hate meditation. Funny thing, to me it seems like it's a waste of time. So what is my problem?

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I think different things work for different people, meditating may not be your thing but something else is. One reason I would like to learn more about meditation because I think if you learn or master it it could bring a sense of peace which can lessen anxiety. As a Catholic meditation can lead to deeper union with God so I look at it for me as a win win,deepen my prayer life, grow closer to God, less stress, and possibly help my Parkinson’s. Another thing I heard recently that I think others may find helpful is that as humans we don’t like suffering it’s natural to at least mentally try and run from it even if physically we can’t. Maybe we do this through looking at our phones, watching tv, anything that may help us avoid in a sense looking at it. I can relate to this in the sense that especially during off periods it can cause me to feel anxious and I often distract myself with something to try and avoid the uncomfortable physical feeling as well as the anxiety it may cause. In reading about this it said to stop running or avoiding it, allow it to just be, recognizing it for what it is. It’s a work in progress but I think for me it does help and I feel less anxious.

I admire your deep thinking about yourself. Does what you think generally speaking apply to all those who have the illness?

Thank you. I am an optimist. I wouldn't say about everything. A lot of aspects in the development of PD are included. We need to find out for ourselves. Basically what I see is that these are our beliefs because they brought us at least me to this state. I'm pretty sure .. who can know themselves better than ourselves.

I am a Roman Catholic Priest, and whilst I am interested in the scientific approach I would like to think about love being the opposite to fear. The heart is represented as the instrument of love. Love conquers all. Am I being to simplistic.

Yes, you are.We need to exchange views to get a wider and clearer picture.

Like many others, I suffered badly from anxiety before and after diagnosis to the extent that I became suicidal and Sinimet (C/L) seemed to make it worse. Two things I would like to contribute, 1) The period leading up to my nervous breakdown, when I had a permanent feeling of dread, saw my symptoms worsen noticeably, 2) As a result of this breakdown I got to see a neuro -psychiatrist who put me on duloxetine ( boosts serotonin and noradrenaline). Since then my anxieties have disappeared and my PD symptoms seem to have stabilised somewhat. Everyone's experience is different but, for me, there has definitely been a connection between anxiety and PD.

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How long do you have PD?

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Four and a half years since diagnosis but, probably, eleven or twelve since I first had symptoms. I had a twitch in my little finger that came and went that I put down to stress and overwork at the time.

I don't think I have, but I have had tremors all of my life. I have never been diagnosed with PD, but I have often wondered. I do have CMT type 1A.

What medications do you use for tremors?

Stress is toxic profound stress is damaging

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*This. "Stress is toxic profound stress is damaging."


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Thank you.

I believe this also. I had extreme work stress for over a year about 1 year before my diagnosis. When I retired, within 1 week I was diagnosed with afib and the tremor started soon after plus a frozen shoulder. I also experienced early trauma in life. We know that childhood trauma can lead to adult health problems like cardiac disease. The connection is there. I have always thought it all started with that difficult year. Exercise, music and meditation help me the most.

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Thank you for your opinion. I see that many have found themselves in this presentation. Perhaps we need to talk more about this phenomenon of fear - trauma - stress.

Thank you, delboy for your post and speaking your truth. I am in the process of being diagnosed. I don't think, I had major stressor early on in my life. However, the 6 months prior to any of my symptoms apperance were full of anxiety and a lot of FEAR of being judged. I truly believe this has been the main contributor to my symptoms; thus, reading this post has name it for me. The mechanisms might be different for all but I agree FEAR plays a role.

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I'm sorry to hear you're new now with the diagnosis. What may make you happy is that science is very close to solving this enigma called Parkinson's and many other neurological disorders. Today there are treatments that treat symptoms such as FUS and many other therapies. Can we say that it is a cure time will tell? But looking at the people who have done these treatments we can rightly say that they have an effect.Yes, many things contributed to the development of symptoms, I personally think that the main role in me was played by childhood trauma, which created this feeling of insecurity in myself during my life, from which I ran away for a long time. By working on myself for a long time, I got rid of that fear and insecurity and I hope that better days are coming. All the best and stay on course.

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Thank you...after starting in this unchosen journey, the best thing that had happened was to find this forum with is wealth of information.

If you have not already read this book, I highly recommend it. For all those who have unnecessary fear - false fear - anxiety.



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