On being a Parkie patient

I don't mind being called a "patient" because it simply means that, (as with any illness), we need to be PATIENT. Not only with the doctors, and in the waiting room, (ahem), BUT, with the process of treatment, AND the potential cure of this "dis-ease" we have, called PD!

Ultimately, and in the final analysis, WE have to be patient with ourSELVES!


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  • Hi jane

    i have just lost my reply to you !

    so more briefly an "impatient" person si v difficult for the patient and carers to deal with

    i have PSP ( a type of parkinsons) but with no meds 2 help

    loss o fbalance / speech/swallowing/ communicattng skills ets all go v quickly(google it to learn more about it or read my blog_)

    lol jIll


  • You have made a valid & significant point. It is important for us to be 'patient' not least because being patient & reasonable gives us a voice - with professionals, carers, friends & the public at large. Being patient gives us credibility.

  • Thanks honeycombe!

    Yes indeed! And patience, being the virtue that it is, allows us to communicate our needs more effectively with our healthcare team and the world at large! Which is what you just said! And the credibility factor is very important!!!!!!! ;-) jeg

  • This is so true. It is important that we are patient and polite to those trying to help us. BUT it is also important that people are patient with us, too. Especially if we are holding up the queue in the Supermarket!!

  • Agreed! People need to be patient with us as well. VERY TRUE INDEED! :-D

  • Yes good point but comming from a person who has not got PD only the carer I believe this at times to be very difficult, I am sure I would not be as patient as most. But of course yes it can open up smoother channels for communication, however if you are too patient maybe you will never get your point across..

  • I agree with t hat as well! We should never, (as patients especially), be too placid and/or acquiescent.

    How about "patiently assertive" ? lol!

  • i have to agree with both arguements - as recently i had an ' impatient 'apt with my lovely neuro - it paid off though as he spent a lot of time with me and changed my drugs - i was however patient with him and also agree about being nice to our carers ....

  • If there is one thing this disease has taught me it's how to be patient with myself. I use to be able to do things so quickly. Now I move so slow that I get on my nerves.

  • ME TOO! i am so used to doing things fast that it FORCES me to be PATIENT. Never one of my strong points! I have to laugh, or it will STAY on my nerves! lol!

  • hi

    me too i yuse dot be so quick a tdoingeverything and didnt take anyhthign slowlyh

    but i know i start the day being kindto myself an then it stops an i start fallign

    ore later

    lol jill

  • YES!! Being kind to ourselves helps a lot!!!!

    Thank you, Jill


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