Overly Emotional Anyone?

While the diagnosis and progression of my YOPD was disorienting to say the least I have found myself more emotional than normal. I have a fairly stereotypical German/Irish upbringing and I have in the past been a little more composed. Now if the right song comes on the radio, a touching commercial, etc... the tears just come.

I am not sure if it is just the added stress I am under or an underlying symptom of the YOPD....anyone else experiencing something similar?

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  • I find myself to be highly emotional at times also. It seems my heart has taken over my head, and I get very upset about little things.Perhaps it is me making a big deal over things that I shouldn't.

    Seems I don't know how to perceive lots of things these days. Trying to stop letting PD get the best of me.

  • I've turned into a tear freak since starting mirapexin. Instance - Friday night ITV2 Britiain's Got Talent - Teenager, male,accompanied by lovely young girl. He, overweight, dressed in his much larger father's clothes it looks like with long wavy hair.The panel give him the Easter Island figures stare. Then he opens his mouth and ....WOW what a voice. Tears roll down my cheek.

    Happens all the time - the tear thing that is. Does not bother me except cost of tissues have gone up 10 fold.

  • LOL! I know exactly what your talking about. Met our children at the airport last night and started crying like a baby before the plane even landed. People were looking at me like I was nuts. Perhaps I am. My husband always says it's okay cause I'm his nut. What would I do without him? I hope I never have to find out.

  • I was diagnosed with PD in year 2000, long enough to stop the tears, but I can't. When my husband sees me crying, he asks, is that pee water coming out? The tears stops and now I'm laughing hysterically! My husband and I have been married 50 years and I constantly complain to my daughters, and my son, about their dadd. You made me think when you said "what would I do without him? When I read that, I started the pee water again!!!Thank you for your advice.

  • Congatulations! We'll be married 45 years on June 10th.

  • May this Sunday be a special day as you celebrate your 45 years of achievement!

    I am so happy I found some one to confide in. The mind is very strange component! When it's occupied it almost takes away my pain and suffering. I might add my exclusive support group called My Kids and Mom! more on this later Mr. Shakey is lurking behind me!

  • Regarding My Kids and Mom Support Group, when I was diagnosed with PD, I had very little knowledge other than that

    it's a chronic and progressive movement

    disorder. My Kids: gathered reading materials, set up appointments with neurologist, oncologist , fired old, hired new primary doctors, chaeuffered me to mri and all I did was to follow their directions! (and crying was not an option!)

    aren't I the lucky one! My Kids been doing this for 12 years1

  • That's wonderful. Good that you have great family support. You are blessed!

  • Runaway emotion came before even the tremors, tearing up more over happy things than sad, I was glad to see that you listed "a touching commercial" among the things which can make you cry. I have been embarrased to admit shedding tears because Seaside Buick was sooooo kind to a customer.

  • Far from being a YOPD,but i am emotional over the slightest thing,and sometimes find it a real embarassment.kind acts really briing the tears and the mention of departed family;,bring me a box of tissues quick !!

  • I have always been an emotional person andI think more so now than ever...for good things and bad things...but I have come to the realization that I would rather cry and be emotional than to not feel anything at all...I won't be afraid to cry...it cleanses the soul they say.....

  • Agree it can be the best medicine at times.

  • i too drew wept at the britains got talent teenager - he was just so b--- good - also cry over happy things like speaking to my sister in law in NZ this morning - when she told me she loved me -- here i go again !!

  • my daughter gets very cross with me but there is nothing i can do about it - so cheers to the tears !!

    ;-) :- D

  • Yes, cheers to the tears.

  • thanks tlongmire

  • ;-D

  • how do you do that ?

  • :-D ;-) :-(

  • I am one who does NOT like to show emotion, but am finding myself crying over little things. I am grateful PD had seemed to make me more sensitive to others.

  • My mood swings are terrible. I can be happy one moment and in tears the next. I am also finding myself snapping at people for no reason. I really hate what is happening to me and do not know if it is the PD or the meds.

  • Boots, I also have huge mood swings. I'm 49 and was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. I'm usually a very happy, perky person that cheers others up. I tend to become very agitated at the smallest things. Also, my coping skills have become much worse. Everyday things that used to be no problem overwhelm me. Due to the PD,I've been diagnosed with clinical depression. The strange thing is, yes it sucks to have PD, but that doesn't usually seem to be the source - It just comes over me. Next thing I know, Im feeling great. Ugh! While visiting my neurologist, I was discussing this with him. He was very understanding and said that depression does come with PD. I then started crying and said "I'm usually a delight to be around!" whaaaaa! He said, yes you are. He referred me to a psychiatrist and after evaluating me, she prescribed a mood stabilizer. It has helped tremendously! I try to be positive and my hubby of 27 years is awesome! Also, exercise is my saving grace. I hope you start feeling better and feel comforted that you are not alone. Hang in there!

  • I, too have terrible mood swings. Things that I usually shruged off and didn't think twice about I now break down and cry about. I feel like I am not in control of my emotions sometimes. Every time I think about my mother, who passed away more than ten years ago, I break down and cry. I kno't like not being in control of my emotions. I have just been diagnosed with PD. It took a lot of tests for my Drs to diagnose this. I put off the pain and being unbalanced to growing older. I didn't want to think there was anything wrong with me. Oh, how I wished i had given in and gone to a De. earlier.

  • My husband has mood swings too. One time it can be a very emotional time for him, then he's depressed and then he's snapping at everyone. I don't think it's the meds. I believe that having to deal with this debilitating disease is the culprit. I know when to be near him and when to stay away. Having had medical issues in the past, I am a fighter and survivor. HOWEVER, I don't know how I would handle things if I were diagnosed with PD, so I stay calm and accept my husband's mood swings. I'd like to think I would continue to be a fighter. Thank you God for giving me the strength to help my wonderful husband bear the burden of this disease.

  • Thank you for taking care of your husband, I know that he appreciates everything you do for him.

  • I have YOPD and I am so emotional at times. I've never been super emotional--only since I was diagnosed. As many of you said, I cry about little things or I interpret things differently than other people. For instance, I may feel that a friend might not invite us to a particular outing due to my condition. I work hard to keep negative thoughts out of my head.

  • I'm really glad to hear about this issue. This is the first I've heard anyone mention crying being PD related. I thought it was just me (you know the saying: "I may not be much but I'm all I think about"). lol I've noticed a decided increase in sentimentality (or something like that). Y'day I watched the movie "Secretariat" -- about the Triple Crown winning race horse -- and must have gone thru 1/2 a box of Kleenex... I thought I was in imminent danger of losing my "guy card"!!

  • I wouldn't worry about losing your "guy card" over tears. The shortest sentence in the bible was only two words: "Jesus wept." If it's okay for him to cry, I don't see a problem for us.

  • Amen to that!

  • Thank you all for your feedback, experiences and input. You have once again shown why forums like this are so very important to many of us. We learn through the sharing of our experiences that we are not so alone in our own experiences.

    No man (or woman) is an island and we are all much stronger together than alone.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  • I have always been emotionable...but lately it's been "ridiculous"...(Never thought that PD was the "culprit.")

  • just goes to show then ?? !!!

  • [weeping]

  • I have always been overly emotional, but since finding out that I have PD I am even more sensative, cry at anything..my family thinks I am a cry baby, but they are learning it is all a part of their Mom having PD!!!

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