Parkinson's Movement

A Sigh

A sigh escapes my lips

brushing against my cheek

you whisper in my ear

sending shivers down my spine.

Our lovemaking always

leaves me breathless

tingling for hours

emotionally high.

I long for the day to end

coming through the door

your arms encircle me

a warmth so content

it slows my heart

soon matching pace

with yours.

I never really understood

how precious each moment was

until I realized

they were numbered

and the seconds were ticking by

much too quickly.

I don't know how long

this life may last,

but our love

carries me through

each hour pain free

and filled with memories.

It all feels so new now.

Looking through clearer eyes

leaving behind trivial,

uneasy feelings

of self doubt,


and unworthiness.

There is no love stronger

than that which fills

my soul with peace,

giving new meaning to

"the love of my life".


6 Replies

You have done it again! What a gift you have for expressing your feelings. If your life mirrors these words, you are so lucky.

Sue :-)


I have never loved or respected anyone more than I love "My Robert". He and I have no doubt we were meant for each other. I only wished it hadn't taken so long for us to find each other!


You truly are blessed to have such a special person in your life. He must be such an inspiration to you. We never know what the future may bring and you have proved that.


I feel the same way about my wife. She is my soulmate.


My husband and I were meant for each other as well. We found each other at ages 13 and 14. We will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary in June. I can't imagine my life without him. We are blessed and it sounds like you and Robert are to.

I love your poetry.


My husband it the best thing that ever happened to me. I believe I am as well as I can be because of his love.


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