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Sorry, I'm at it again!! Think this question, or similar, may have been asked before, if so sorry.

I have always been prone to bouts of depression. Not too serious, but enough to cause me and my family problems. I have just realised that even though I get fed up with myself, I do not get depressed. This must have something to do with Parkinsons and its effect on the brain, or perhaps the meds I am taking, as it is only since I was diagnosed that we have noticed this. Surely, you would expect the opposite to be the case.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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hi sue

yesi hav e had major depressive episodeso and i have been on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds msost of my adult life but altho the anxiety is bad iwht the stress of THE MOVE)( or non- move_ i have been far from depressed esp since diagnosis with the PSP - It means my lfie has a v limited amt of time left butii have accepted THAT

What is difficult 2 accept is that is tha t i have to think 24/7 exactly wha ti am doing

eg walking/ turning to the irght / carryign anythign however light or small (adn i idef cannnot multi task anymore()as otherwiise i take a fall fwds!

down to c 6 times a day wtih help from a physio on nhs- it is called queueing techniques

i know each person wiht parksinson /psp / etc is unique in ther syjmpotms and if i could only relax and be less restless (all part of the Psp i knwo)

life wouodl be more tolerable But the depression is nto a problem

u have ltots to worry about wiht you family / grandchild ono the way etc

myselfmuich less so and withthe springnwo apon us it si good to c the sun shining early (the inability to sleep v well si draining too)

my email si as it is easir to correct typign erros that way

:lol jill and a big X ansd a :-)


I have fewer blue periods I guess. However, I feel I get frustrated way too quickly. So 6 in one had, half dozen in the other.

I know the first culprit I finger is always pd, but I have to remind myself I am also getting older--chemical/hormonal changes may be in play as well!


When I find myself getting depressed I get busy doing something around the house. I work in the garden, work on an old Jeep I am restoring for my Grandson and I read my Bible. I say work, well at least I get up and try. It takes me forever to accomplish the smallest tasks. I will not give up and PD will not control my life. A positive attitude helps. Do I still get depressed? Oh yes I get depressed, but I try to do something to get my mind off this problem.

I say " Getting Depressed, Get Busy".



Antidepressants just make me more depressed. I go to the gym.


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