Panic anxiety


One difficulty that I have that I connect to my PD is that I can occasionally get panic anxiety. This has happened on several occasions when I've been in

situations where I'm going to hold such a public speech or the like. I have not had this trouble before my PD. My neurologist says this is not an uncommon symptom of P. I wonder if anyone else will recognize themselves and if you received any help for this?

Mr Day


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  • Yes I have the same. My Panic attacks started about 18 months before being diagnosed but as we all know by the time you are dx'd you will have had PD for some time. I was prescribed diazepam 2mg which acts very quickly - within 20 minutes - aand stops the washing machine spinning in you stomach etc.

    That was in 1997 and I still take them now when required - no side affects at all.

    Diazepam used to be called vallium

  • Hello and thanks for your prompt response. I also take medication for my panic disorders. Inderal 40mg, known as beta blocked. They help me.

    Mr Day

  • Yes, and I take lorazepam to calm me down. I am 58 and have had PD for 8 years.

  • SHort acting ativan works and longer acting klonapine works for anexiety in medication and those mentioned above.

    There are some great tricks like cognative therapy that will help you through anexiety. One silly trick is to play the game "Tetrus" if you can find a hand held game at wal mart or For some reason it effects the brain and will work until the medication kicks in or will work until you feel better.

    -Anexiety is your "fight or flight" response but it can get triggered for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with fear, or danger in any way. It just happens - it sucks - but that is what happens.

    -Just know it is short term and wont last forever, even though it feels like it.

    -Know you have survived it before

    -Reality check that you are in a safe environment - even if your not home

    -TRY to think of what set off the anexiety if possable and realize it is safe around you - people can set off my anexiety and I have to know they will not hurt me.

    -Its more than mind over matter - its also an emotional reaction

    -Lots of people have anexiety and I dont think anyone had died from overwhelming fear - it will pass and you wont feel like this forever.

    -Try and think of the "Facts of the Matter" - I am safe but my body and mind does not agree with that and is reacting accordingly - see the facts - I am safe in my area doing what I am doing - going to the store, checking the mail,etc....

    Hope that Helps - Tam

  • Thanks Tam. I've tried several of the tricks you mention. Some have helped me. When I get these attacks, i can sometimesz get the feeling that it's hard to breath and hoped that the floor I'm standing on could just open up and I lost. Fortunately, these difficulties rarely and with medication I can manage it well. What is strange is that these symptoms are associated with PD. I have not felt this before i get my PD.

    Mr Day

  • I had severe panic attacks before diagnosis also, Paxil got rid of them

  • MrDay - if the symptoms did not apear b4 parkinsons - then at least you know the source - Sometimes that in and of itself wil help you calm the breathing. "Its just my pd acting up" and nothing to be afrad of - Easy to say but when you are in the grips of panic its hard to remember. Have you or your dr talked about medication like an antidepressant to help?? instead of medication when it happens like a PRN. You dont say when meds your on to help. Maybe an increase in dose would be helpfull.

    Breathing exercises are a great thing to slow down your heart rate and try to get through an attack. Ever hear of a "Thought Map"?? it helps to analize the experience.

  • I take Paxil daily for anxiety and panic attacks. Occasionally, I'll take an Ativan for additional support in special circumstances.

  • I get panic attacks in crowds, and I'm a flight attendant.. It's not all the time and can talk myself through it. I also get agitated but found that is due to meds more than pd. if I get hot that tends to set off an attack, don't know why.. My dr wants to give me valium also but haven't taken any..if I can be alone for a few minutes I get better.. Its a bad feeling!

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