To have or to have not

I have had PD (diagnosised) since 2002. In 2004, I was so bad that I taught my self how to write lefthanded, I walked with a cane and my right side had constant tremors. In the summer of 2004, I started having complications from one of the many medications I was taking. So it was determined that I would be a good candidate for DBS. I was scheduled for September. With much trepidation I was admitted to the hospital and prepped for the surgery. Everything went well and in two week I was scheduled to be turned on. Let me tell you, the moment I was turned on ie my DBS was activated, I notice an immediate change in me. I could write again with ease, I could walk without schuffling my feet, I felt great. I said this disease named Parkinsn's had not won!!! I had. Would I have it done again? YES, YES, YES!! (as a matter of fact I did have to have the left side put back in but that is a whole different story)

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  • What is dbs and at what stage did you have it done? Im pleased you are better now.

  • DBS is Deep Brain Stimulation. I had it done 2 years after my PD dx. But it was determined that I had probably had the disease for 15 years before my dx. It took six years to get the diagnosis.

  • Has it improved all your symptoms or just some of them?

  • For a while all of them but I find that the older I am getting the more frequently I have to go get a tune up (that is what I call a bump up in my settings). But it was worth it.

  • Can you keep going back for a top up? I havent started any meds..will it mean i can use my hand again? Havent used it because of stuck fingers /pd symptoms for 3 years now..Only diagnosed today in england. Neuro will let me use mucuna pruriens to start with as i prefer more natural meds...

  • Yes you can get tuned up every 3 to 6 mos as needed or less often. I could not use my right hand at all due to "stuck fingers & tremors but I can now.What is mucuna pruriens?

  • its an indian herb they have used for pd in India for years I think! Supposed to have no side effects and possibly slow processs down;;who knows! ill let you know. Neuro says he will send me info/prescription.;otherwise I am trying detoxing with applied kinesiology at present. He seems to tink he can cure me but may just be taking my money! he says i have too much acetopholine? from pollution and it is electrifying my system. Thinks once Im detoxed body wll work properly;;says im allergic to wheat and supplements Im taking. Hes given me zinc suplhate to take to get rid of mercury etc;;then I have to get rid of my tooh with infected root filling and crowns with mercury readings.;

    Life is a medical merry go round at present.;;keep smiling!

  • That is all we can do is keep smiling!

    PS there is no cure for PD!! Only treatments, good luck with yours

  • Amen to that... for me DBS in 9/10, but my writing was definitely affected. Learning lefty would not have helped b/c my left side tremors were nearly as bad as the right.

    I am just now getting to the point where my writing is getting somewhat readable.

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