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Can tobacco be responsible for reducing tremors


I don’t consider myself to have an addictive personality, having said that I have been a social smoker during certain decades in my life. Smoking in my 20’s, not in my 30’s, again in my early 40’s I stopped at 46. PD showed up at 54. I began to smoke just 2-4 cigarettes daily shortly after. About a month ago I stopped for 20 days and oh boy, weird exaggerated tremors showed up both during the night and daytime. Remember I’ve posted many times about my mild intermittent tremor, barely noticeable most of the time. During those 20 days, quitting smoking was the only change in my routine.

I returned to smoking and within 24 hours I was back to previous mild intermittent tremors and the night tremors waking me up ceased.


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Would another formulation of nicotine such as the patch or lozenger provide the benefit without the health hazards of smoking?


I'm just curious whether niacin, nicotinamide or niacinamide has a similar effect as nicotine for you?


Cons10s in reply to chartist

Art, I don’t believe I’ve tried any of those.

Connie, doesn't Medical Cannabis reduce your tremors?

Wipes my tremors out - completely. Have proved that to my Movement Disorder Neurologist, more than once! And is still working, for me, after a number of years.....Glen

Art's question is a good one, since you've been taking B-1 for awhile, huh?

park_bear in reply to olehoss

It would be useful to put this up as a separate post.

Cons10s in reply to park_bear

PB, perhaps you’d like to post it, I’m always posting from my phone which takes longer to cut an paste links and excerpts etc.

olehoss in reply to park_bear

Just out of pure ignorance, and not being a wise guy. But don't understand the benefit of a separate post?

Always willing to learn a new procedure, if it benefits all of us. This Forum is very helpful, and we all want to use the best, most effective method of talking to each other.

Like many of you, my energy or concentration is limited, both by Parkinsons, and Peripheral Neuropathy - just in reading the information, shared by you, and by my fellow "Parkies"... Glen

park_bear in reply to olehoss

First, let me say is not my intention to obligate anyone to do anything that is a strain. The reason why I suggested this is – it is the first I have heard of MM suppressing tremors entirely. A post with a title to that effect would get attention from a wider audience than just the readers of this thread. It might be useful to other people with Parkinson's.

Cons10s in reply to olehoss

Cannabis ended anxiety for me but didn’t seem to do much else. Rarely use it now. THis video shows a doctor discussing smoking and PD. Around the 20 minute mark he mentions Chantix as a treatment

Cons10s in reply to kaypeeoh

Kay very interesting I’m going to try Chantix as an experiment.

ParlePark in reply to Cons10s

Please let us know. Just watched the vid. Very interesting ...

I first noticed my tremor when I was off cigars for a month. Since then I've returned full-time to smoking, 0.5 to 1 cigar a day. Tremor hasn't got worse but still a bit stiff. Definitely something in this.

Cons10s in reply to Bundoran

Bundoran, thanks for posting that.

By the way for stiffness I use a small amount of Kratom. You can learn about it on Netflix by watching “ a leaf of faith” documentary..

Hi Connie, and thanks for for the link about the effect of nicotine on PD. Haven't read a scientific article, this long, in many moons...but the take-a-way, from my perspective, is that nicotine may be a possible treatment; but that smoking tobacco - because of the other, assorted ingredients packed into the "Tube" - carries health risks that supersede the benefits of smoking; i.e. lung cancer, etc. Perhaps, as MBA said, there are alternate methods of ingesting nicotine; that are less dangerous......Glen

By the way, part of my daily, pill regimen; is to take 1000 mg of B3 (Niacin), along with 1000 mg of B1, and other assorted vitamins and minerals. Do they help? Don't know for sure, because my night tremors, and morning tremors, are still with me - every day. Still haven't tried (or experimented) with the usual Parkinson's medications, because my tremors are manageable. Exercise seems to help reduce the rest of my symptoms.

I smoke Pipe and it helps clear the fog from my head; there are several reports talking about the benefits of Nicotine.


Maybe a clear explanation can be found in the following publication posted by NCBI reporting on the L-DOPA, CARBIDOPA and BENSERAZIDE-INDUCED DEPLETION OF NIACIN, also known as NICOTINIC ACID.


Nicotine has a strong relationship with the super nutrient NADH (nicotinic adenosine nucleotide) and niacinamide, both precursors of nicotine.

Some people (mistakenly) use to prefer niacin or niacinamide in the form of time-release tablets in order to avoid the 'skin flush' caused by regular niacin, ignoring that time-release tablets undergo a 'plasticizing' process in order to avoid the acidic gastrointestinal environment; lamentably you'll end up digesting plastic byproducts on the way. According to my investigation on niacin, not everyone experience the 'flush', only HISTADELIAS do.

Husband tried the patch but made him nauseous and heart rate went haywire! I will look into "Chantix."

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