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A Thanksgiving thought


Maybe all of this PD nonsense is in our heads?

I am reminded of how on a few occasions I have observed other people mimic my actions and struggle as well.

I have seen a young kid who was walked with me and he started copying my gait subconsciously. When I pointed it out, he corrected himself. A colleague of mine used to tell me that he was “forced” to copy my gait after watching me for a while and he was having trouble stopping himself from tremors as well.

Once at the airport, I was testing my finger tapping routine and then I was amused to see a young child trying to copy the actions. She continued after I stopped and to my surprise, she would start to have difficulty after a few tries on different attempts.

I have speculated that a significant portion of the human population would be classified as PD if only they somehow had to tremor once or experienced stiffness or some other PD symptoms and could not get out of it.

What do you think?

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I think we should stick to what we know.

Hidden in reply to MBAnderson

Just wishful thinking on my part, MB.

MBAnderson in reply to Hidden

Yes, it would be nice if it was all in our head. But, wait -- most of it is in our head. That's the problem. :)

All I can do is repeat Monty Python - rubbish

I wish!!

Interesting thought; however, I don’t see that happening, much.

It is a biological stigma of long-term anxiety.

The few controlled cases of healing are all due to stress relief through any sort of psychotherapy : positive events in live, meditation, qi-gong , sport practice etc.

The bad thing : as PD induces strong anxiety on it's own, it feeds and accelerates on himself...

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