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After 18 yrs with PD it has became intolerant so I decided to get into DBS Deep Brain Stimulator Surgery soon. Before I turn 70 cause they wont do it, Im 66. I will honestly tell you people if it worth. They say tremors and stiffness will disappear.

Want to know more google it.

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Good luck. I hope it works out really well for you.

Best of luck Kiko!

Good luck and God Bless! Keep us updated! 💕

Love mine!! Good luck and make sure your "tuner" is top notch.

All the prayers!! Keep updated the out come.

Hi Kiko.

Let's know how it goes.Wishing you success.

OREOLU in reply to OREOLU

Good luck,and God be with you.

Good luck, we re all rooting for you...

Good luck, Kiko. Hope results exceed your expectations!

Hi Kiko,

How are you doing after your DBS? Do you recommend it? Has your stiffness disappeared? Do you still have to take meds? My dad's neurologist recently referred him for DBS. Thanks for any insight!

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