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Cycling as a form of exercise

When younger I used to do a lot of cycling, but lately this has decreased. However, I notice that a lot of Parkies people have found this beneficial so I am having a go.

The main problem is that I seem to have lost my confidence - this is a problem my 7 year old grandaughter seems to have inherited from me. Mind you, it didn't help her confidence when she ended up face first in a patch of stinging

nettles!! She is one of the reasons I am trying again.

Still I diverse. Getting on and off the bike seem to be my main problems. Once on, I am alright, apart from the fact that I seem to veer to the right slightly. Aparently I also do this when walking. This is my tremor side. I keep away from traffic. Getting off the bike is more difficult as I find I need something to grab hold of, not my husband, to alight.

I was wondering whether anyone had any tips to boost my confidence. I draw the line at stabilisers!! There are a lot of cycle paths, both by the sea and in the country near where I live, so I am determined to master this lost art.

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the easiest thing of course is to get a three wheeled bike. there is a company here that specialized in bicycles for the handicapped. They are all three Wheelers high and low. I don't know how much the exercise helps, but I really love it. I always feel better after the session. And you can ride it with a lot of confidence.


hi sue

i used to like cycling but have lost my confidence too

roads r much too busy and ti si inpossible 4 em to hear traffic (hearing loss)

btu a stationary bike at hte gym may be the answer?

r u going to a tai chi class yet byh hte way?

love jill and a :-)


Must admit I have not joined a tai chi class yet. I have an exercise regime to break the boredom. One day I work on the Wii fit, the next I do Tai Chi DVD and the third I do Rosemary Conley DVD.

Sounds good, but am not always motivated enough to achieve all three. I have not, so far, found a tai chi class to fit in with meds etc. Also looking after grandchildren, which I count as exercise!

Will let you know how I get on.

Take care

Sue (imagine smiley face)


the benefits of exercise has both mental and physical benefits. you should do as much as you can for as long as you can. If you are focusing on it, there are the added benefits of such thing as:- a feeling of well being, a tangable target gives you a feel good factor due to release of endorfins produces this 'feel good' factor. It your form of exercise is a sport or activity you can share with others, so much the better in both 'sticking at it' , and socially, perhaps an introduction to new friendship It also stos you mopng about , feeling depressed and why me syndrome. Cycling is great fun and flexible in intensity. I would recommend it, for 1 thing it stop you 'shuffling', and yet is good for balance. Good luck and safe cycling


I can't ride a bike anymore as I've lost my co-ordination and when i slow down i just fall off. So I've bought a recumbent bike and it's marvellous. I can use it whenever I want and it gives me the exercise which is good!


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