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I was diagnosed with tremors predominantly in my left hand Spring 2018. Went to M.D. specialist and he agreed with Neurologists diagnosis. My GP disagrees and wants me to get another opinion bc he thinks I show atypical signs of PD. So next week I’m going to another Neurologist. In the meantime I’m getting PT 3x weekly which is helping to strengthen my Upper body. I’m so frustrated because I know have an impingement and herniated disc in my cervical spine . Had MRIs and a ton of blood work to make sure I didn’t have a mini stroke, tumor or anything else. MRI and BW came back normal... could I just have nerve damage or is it PD???

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I take it you meant to say you were diagnosed with Parkinson's. For anyone to have an informed opinion as to whether or not you have Parkinson's you need to set forth all of your symptoms, including the atypical ones your GP was referring to, whether you have a resting tremor or active tremor, what medications you are taking and whether they have been effective.

PD is like snowflakes... no two cases are alike, but there are commonly recurring symptoms, e.g., balance. Can you stand on one leg? Can you do it with your eyes closed? Do you sometimes have a blank stare? Do you have very vivid, sometimes violent dreams? Do your arms not swing when you walk?

These are the things neurologists look at. What other symptoms do you have?

Sounds like PD. Unfortunately many of us go through those same procedures before ultimately being properly diagnosed. I lastly went for a dat-scan.

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