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Going to Italy


Hey all --

I'll be going to Italy on vacation and setting aside a day to see Dr. Costantini in Viterbo. So many questions have been asked and answered on HU, I'm not sure there's anything left to ask! But if anyone would like me to, just let me know. I'll be there 11/08.

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I am a very happy patient of Doc. Costantini. Grateful that he stopped the progression and substantial reduction of motor and non-motor symptoms. What is his qualifications? This will help as I promote his service worldwide.

Kia17 in reply to RoyProp


Dr Costantini is a Neurologist.

GioCas in reply to Kia17

Antonio is not simply a neurologist who is in an ivory tower visiting behind a desk and prescribing ldopa. He has always been at the forefront of patients with neurodegerative diseases as responsible for their rehabilitation at an Italian clinic and knows very well the sufferings they face as he himself said in interviews on the web in italian.😀

You are welcome in Italy. :-)

rebtar in reply to GioCas


Lucky you! Tell him we love him and what he does at no CHARGE to his overseas patients.

rebtar in reply to Despe

I certainly will. He's a rare one.

JANVAN in reply to Despe

A bit "correction" >>> yes, no charge at all in his > 1000 (and more :-) ) replies via Mail,

still some charge for the appointment at his office.

Good for you. Have fun.

Please keep us posted. Have a wonderful productive trip. Come back with marvelous results. I'm looking forward to visiting soon myself. Did you schedule an appointment over email?

rebtar in reply to Erniediaz1018

Yes, through email.


Please ask him what other supplements can be given to gain strength.

Hi, I'd like to know what useful or surprising things Doc Constantini has discovered about his B1 protocol in the past 2 or 3 years from his (increasing) number of patients? Also I'd like to know if he has noticed success for some PWP at a low dosage such as 500 mg a day? I'd also like to know what other supplements work effectively and safely with B1. (I think I read somewhere that magnesium is suggested, but I'm not sure by whom.) And finally, I'd like to know what he wishes or hopes for in terms of research or testing of his protocol. Have a fabulous journey, Rebtar!

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