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Head and Neck tension affecting eyes,stomach and feet.What could be wrong?


Dear all,

My Dad,who has had PD for about 8 years now,has been experiencing certain symptoms since last year,but they have become more frequent this year and has us all worried.It is an episode that happens once,twice or even three times a day and lasts between 5/10minutes.

He explains it this way:

The eyesight gets blurred-Then the veins from the back of head down to the neck tighten and gripping and become tense.

The head is not free,he feels like something is holding it tight...especially the left side.

Side of the brain affected is the left side but tremor is on the right


His voice also becomes weak when he speaks.He then starts panting for breath and he sees his stoamch/tummy move and kick as he struggles for air.During this episodes,his whole body feels weak,his legs feel week

. and the toes feel cold as if in a fridge.

He recently had an abdominal ultra sound done upon the doctors request but his Aorta was found to be functioning well ecept for thin build up of plaque.He also had a kidney test done that returned good results.

Has anyone experienced this episodes and know what it is and what we can do to minimise or eliminate it?

Your insights and advice is much appreciated.

Warm Regards


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What meds or supplements does your dad take and for how long?

Does he exercise or is he capable of exercising at all?

And if you don't mind how old is your dad?

Have you looked into PSP? There's a separate HealthUnlocked board for it. Or maybe Google the symptoms?

My husband has most of these symptoms and he is having panic attacks. The attacks "freeze" the body, he gets less oxygen to his brain, his lungs stiffen and can't bring in as much air. He is weak and can't walk. Sometimes he crawls. His thinking gets real fuzzy and sometimes bizarre. Seraquel has helped with preventing psychosis and lorazepam calms him down. Sometimes it occurs during intense concentrating like when trying to play chess, but generally now, any stress sets off this horrible combination of symptoms.

PS. My husband is going to be 79 and has had Parkinson's for about 7 years. The panic attacks started becoming serious about 6 months ago.

Sounds like your dad is suffering from dystonia that affects his torso. I have the same miserable complaint. My muscles tighten and stiffen from my neck and shoulders down through my rib cage and abdomen. I can literally feel a wave of muscles tightening. When that happens, it feels like someone strapped me into a tight corset and I have a lot of difficulty breathing. It also affects my jaw and posture. My abdomen has a permanent knot of muscle now that makes me look like I swallowed a large ball! I'm doing better since my GP prescribed Metaxalone, a muscle relaxant. It makes things bearable and I can breathe somewhat normally again!

Maybe it’s when his meds wear off, the freezing cold happened to me.

Last year, when the symptoms started, was there a new medication introduced or current one changed? My husband has Parkinson's and it seems that new symptoms or side effects are all about the medication.

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