I just discovered this, don't know if I'm delusional but it makes me very happy, How's that for a lure?

Most mornings my dog, Olivia, and I go for a walk. We greet neighbors, look for as many varieties of birds as we can find, talk to my daughter in IL and have a pretty good time. Last month I got a new iPhone 4. When I was talking to Robin (the daughter not a bird) she asked me why I didn't use the ear phones. I didn't know I had any! Lo, what I thought was the bottom of the box was a divider and nestled below were my head phones, { I know, I know, I'm stringing you along a bit} So this AM I wore them and turned on my music as I walked. My walking is not great and standing is painful after a very few minutes, BUT.. I started dancing!! Now, I do not know, gonna search today, if dancing is Rxed for PD but I was dancing in the street!! no traffic early on a Sunday.

I have always known that movement is my first response to music. I was one of those who danced in the aisle at concerts.It never occurred to me to link PD and dancing. I could have danced all.. wait that is someone else's line, but I am sure you get the drift. I ran out of breath and needed a nap, but that happens to me without dancing.

maybe I'll start a PD dance a thon! make $$$ and spread the word. Anyone of youse guys (just to prove I'm from Brooklyn) have dance experience pre or post PD Dx? Should I change my id to Grandancer?

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  • There is a Book called Musicophilia Tales of music and the brain. It's all about your recent phenomenon.

  • sounds nasty, but I will not pass up any lead, TY orala Tigger TTFN

  • Sorry but I don't get what sounds nasty... it's actually a good read about wheelchair bound patients hear music and get up and dance. Could you please explain TY orala Tigger TTFN? I'm clueless.

  • Hi

    Change your id to "Grandancer"......go for it girl!! yeeaahh!! :-)

    Andy xx

  • thanx, maann does sound cool!

  • I couldn't dance before and still can not dance. :)

  • Yeah I'm with you guy's

    I'm in the ~UK shaking me ischael tuberosities !

    My parker's group dance every monday because of a young lady called Jen who wanted to find out if dancing made a difference to people with parker's for her degree at university. She is a qualified dance teacher and it made a great deal of difference to our mobility and dexterity. It gave us the feel good factor !

  • That's Good news. I also recall that a woman in NY (where I lived most of my life, actually, except for the first 1- 1/2 years when I resided on Mayfields Close joined a PD dance group.

    I had my baby bracelet all my life, until just now when I wanted to check the address. I'm really hoping it reappears. As a Holocaust survivor anything from my family is precious.I have my baby passport!! When I can reduce and post it, I will.

  • see "Why dance for PD?" with the MArk Morris dance group. I have been participating in s group like this for six or 8 months. I like it. And have been a hopepless klutz all my life.

  • Is that in uk. .

  • That was very nice. Looks fun. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow,

    Thanks for sharing, as a child I wanted to take ballet, did not get to in my late 20's I took lessons and had a recital. I will have to see if there is a class available in my area for those of us with PD.

  • I will, if I can figure out how to do it!

  • Music/rhythm are established iin the treatment/teaching of people with all types of Special Needs (oh, & those without). As a teacher for over 40 years & special school head for 10 of those I've used music/chanting/drumming/clapping with students of all ages & abilities from 2.5-18+ years. My own experience of music with PD is through singing. All my life until around 15 years ago I sang - to myself mostly, as I'm not very good. Then I stopped. I don't know why or how long it took me to become aware.

    It was probably when I became clinically depressed due to stress at work, caring for 2 mothers & with the wisdom of hindsight - onset of PD. One day around 18 months ago I STARTED TO SING!! All day, any day. Songs I don't remember learning, words from nowhere, weird songs of my own making.


  • thanks for the reminder, honeycombe3, I moved here, Santa Fe, 3 +years ago. Back East I sang with the Brooklyn Women's Chorus for many years. It may well have put off the progress of my symptoms.

  • I belong to a PD CHOIR called "TREMBLE CLEFS". Have been a member for three years now. I believe this program is available in many cities (mine is Portland, Oregon). Great singing experience and you don't have to be a good singer or know how to read music. We sing a variety of "oldies but goodies". A local university provides music therapy interns who help by directing and teaching warm-up methods. Also great social opportunity.

  • Our Parkinson's Group has a Dance Class and an Exercise class. Many of our members have benefitted from the Dance sessions. I've been trying to get my husband to go but he is resisting. I won't give up though. He attends the Yearly Symposiums with me an each year Kiki shows more of the program. Maybe this year will be the one where he decides to try it. Studies have shown that Tai Chi, dance and exercise are very important.

  • Yes, proven fact. Parkies who can't move CAN move to music. If I'm frozen on a New York City and someone (invariably) starts blasting music, I move to it. Wish I could walk with an IPod.

  • On a New YOrk City STREET (duh)

  • IF I can't dance, i won't come to your party! I will find my PD Dancers!

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