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DBS, having MRI to determine if placement is correct

I had DBS 3 years ago. It is helping alot but still am on a roller coaster of off and on every two hours. The doc thinks I may not have the right placement of the ekectrodes in the brain. She is recommending an MRI to determine that. Then possibly another surgery to correct. Says that most people don't have the kind of roller coaster I do and I should be able to correct that.

What have you experienced?

Another surgery? What's the guarantee that the placement will be correct this time?

Have others had more than one surgery?

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It must need re-placement. I am 4 years post DBS and take no PD meds except Clonazepam.


Informative report on the issue:

'Postoperative lead migration in deep brain stimulation surgery: Incidence, risk factors, and clinical impact'


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