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WTF is going on with me

I have had some very alarming symptoms and I was wandering if anyone suffering with Parkinsons has had them?

A few weeks ago I became very disorientated and lost my balance. The room startedspinning and my blood pressure skyrocketed.

These symtoms havent stopped but something more alarming is when I sleep I get "Invisable tremors" ... they are not localized but rather spread throughout my whole body.

The best way I can describe it is that its like getting constant low level electric shocks in your body ... but they are not outwardly visable ... I only feel them in my body.

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I was dx 3 months ago. I have internal tremors all day long. It’s very irritating! Just started sinemet yesterday but no relief yet.


What medications are you taking? What was your blood pressure? You need to measure your blood pressure both standing and lying down to check for orthostatic hypotension and supine hypertension.

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Tiny crystals, or ear rocks, or "otoliths" in the inner ear help us to balance. But when these pebbles fall into the sensitive ear canal, they can cause dizziness. Doctors say that for most people, a very specific 15-minute exercise can help move these pebbles back where they came.

In my case it went away after a good night sleep.

High BP may be linked to the stress of this episode.

Just my 2 cents


You need to go to a therapist to have them perform the Epley Maneuver. Only thing that works.


I have just experience a similar effect of unusual loss of balance.

Got checked out and it turned out that I was dehydrated. Maintaining better fluid levels has solved the issue with me.


Thank you for your post. I have been experiencing many odd events. I am dizzy most of the time, I wake up and can't get off my bed but once my feet make it to the floor I can walk. I also felt ok the other day and the next thing I knew I had fallen, ripped my pant and skinned my knee. I feel foggy headed, and have bad headaches but my blood pressure has been ok. Sometimes I just start shaking all over. I am going thru radiation treatment for Cancerr. It .makes it very hard to know when I need to take my Rytary.


Are all of you regularly exercising and still getting these exotic symptoms?


I truly believe exercise and massage help

The physician that diagnosed me 6 years ago

believed that none of the medications were expected to help balance

only balancing exercises, to keep inner ear in tune

I stand on one foot every chance I get (be careful in check line at WalMart, you could accidently pull a bunch of Dentyne on the floor when trying to keep from falling)

I still put my underwear on standing up (next to bed just in case)

My PD started manifesting on my right side

Started brushing my teeth with left hand

was admonished by Becky Farley at Parkinson's Wellness Recovery, use it or lose it


I still brush with right hand

Instead of fighting tremors, I let them help with brushing

Becky also recommends treadmill to deal with shuffling walk

leg that can shuffle on the sidewalk

is forced to keep up on treadmill

treadmill and bicycle help with muscle tone and balance

so much for physical work

I also have thoughts on the convergence of many techniques for mental improvement

It comes down to learning how to relax and live for the moment


Love > hate


I don't know about the other symptoms, but i suspect the tremors are coming from the psoas muscles. I had those as one of my earliest symptoms. Read more about this at pdrecovery.org


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