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New 'Threshold Theory' for PD from Prof of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and Dr Simone Engelender ... just sharing


“Instead of studying how proteins move from one neuron to another and searching for compounds that prevent the ‘spread’ of aggregated alpha-synuclein, we need to study why alpha-synuclein accumulates within neurons and how these neurons die in the disease, and search for compounds that prevent the general neuronal dysfunction,” – Dr Engelender

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And the answer is.....




Fasting !

Fasting activates autophagosomes :


Your link is missing. Here it is:


p-oui in reply to jeffreyn

Thanks Jeffreyn!

In the middle of the Simon's article is this gem:

"Both scientists insist that searching for treatments that slow or block the aggregation of alpha synuclein is still necessary."


and that is what I have been writing about almost weekly on this website.

p-oui in reply to sunvox

It is the point of my research on promising trials as well Joe

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